When Did You Become Uncomfortable

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Faye84 - February 7

Im almost 27 weeks and alot of woman say that towards the end they start getting very uncomfortable. I know I have a while left, but I havent noticed being uncomfortable yet,.. When did all of you ladies start getting uncomfortable and what was it that made you uncomfortable? Thanks!


chriss - February 7

Faye84, I am 36 wks and notice that since around wk 33 that I've been uncomfortable, as the baby gets bigger and fills up more space in your uterus, it is more difficult to sit and breathe, I am always very full after I eat even if I don't eat a large meal. It is more difficult to get up from a sitting or lying down position and when I am sitting, I always feel like the baby is uncomfortable and is always stretching with little legs and arms to make more space. That's about it for me, unless it just gets worse in the next 4 wks!


DDT - February 7

For me it was from about 36wks. My hips hurt so much when I sleep, the constant peeing, the awkardness of my belly, the crampiness, shooting pains...some days are worse than others...I am 38wk3d now.


xoxticiaxox - February 7

Mine started way ealrier than you ladies, I have not been able to sleep at night, or sit properly, and get up very well, even climbing stairs is a chore for me now, and this has been happeneing since about 25 weeks on, and now just before I started my 30th week, she turned and thats even more uncomfortable...Im getting pains in my lower belly from her squirming around, and I cant sit forward without getting jabbed in the ribs, its harder to breathe! And Im not even that big! So you guys are lucky! Good luck with your babys xoxoxo


Gretta - February 7

I think I started about 30 weeks getting uncomfortable. Its started at night and not being able to get comfortable. Now at 34 weeks I am having trouble sleeping because I feel so short of breath and like I can't breathe.


lisa2006 - February 7

i am so uncomfortable now.. i am 34 weeks


soon2bemama - February 7

I am 29 wks now and am very uncomfortable at night. I just ache all night and can't find a position that is comfortable. Also having to get up 3 times a night to pee, it is a chore just rolling out of bed. I know it will be all worth it but i cant imagine getting even bigger in the next few weeks.


missycc4 - February 7

I'm 37 weeks and 4 days and I started at about 33-34 weeks. Couldn't sleep ,can't get comforable anywhere. My right hip hurts, pressure and pelvix pain and cramping, mild back pain and a lot of contraction. its almost over.


HEATHER - February 7

im 36 weeks now and feel great! other than the uncomfortableness while trying to sleep! now that I feel he has dropped, I am having a hard time bending over like I used to, and I cant "see" to shave "under the hood" anymore either..


babyonboard16 - February 9

Well arent ya lucky? haha jk I started getting uncomfortable at about 26 weeks, I have HORRIBLE hip pain to the point if something grazes my hip I wanna scream. I dunno my heartburn is getting worse too.


Faye84 - February 9

well since my whole pregnancy so far has been a breeze and pretty sure that the last month is going to suck... or my labor will be long and complicated. I do have a much harder time breathing.. nothing to complain about compared to most of you ladies.


candaceann1 - February 9

I am 33 weeks. I started feeling very uncomfortable last night at the grocery store. I felt alot of pressure, was having trouble breathing and was tired. I told my hubby I am going to start giving him a list to go himself. I sleep pretty good, but having to sleep on my side, is getting old. I wake up in pain.


jennsfirst - February 10

Around 30wks things became uncomfortable, I'm 35wks now. Getting up out of bed isnt possible without help (or a crane). My hips, back, ankles, just everything hurts. And wait until the baby starts tap dancing on your bladder, I think I pee atleast once every 1-2hrs. Oh and bending over just isn't happening anymore. And can someone please tell me how to get my socks on????


cnr0607 - February 12

I'm finally going to break down and confess lol! I am 38 weeks and finally I hit the totally miserable threshold lol. My back aches all the time, my legs are swollen and my ankles too, I get headaches and really strong menstrual like cramps in the middle of the night, my arms feel numb when I wake up each morning, my calves cramp up making it feel like there's a giant knot on my muscle, and my ribs feel like they have popped out of place. I'm due in 11 days though... so 11 more days of misery means nothing to me because I know that it's all going to be worth it... I'm going to finally get to see my little precious bundle of joy!!!!


SaraH - February 12

I've been uncomfortable for most of the pregnancy. LOL. Anyways I actually started feeling the best I've felt the whole pregnancy around 22 w. Now, although I've started being a bit uncomfortable w/ feet swelling and muscles is the lower stomach aching due to the weight, I still am feeling better then I did for most of the pregnancy, and I'm just short of 33 w.



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