When Did You Begin To Dilate

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Nora1 - May 30

Just curioius how far along everyone was when they first started to dilate and if you're still waiting and how far along you are now. Thanks!


lindsay - May 30

i'm 39 weeks and had my 1st internal today... not dialted or effaced at all yet, but the doctor said my cervix is nice and soft.


Danielle19 - May 30

im 36 weeks had an internal today and im 1 cm and 30 %


HopeG - May 30

At 36 wks I was 1 cm and at 37 wks I was 2cm! Go for my 38 wk app. Friday and hoping for some more progress!


krista-lee - May 30

i had my last internal @ 40 weeks, nothing going on, im now 40w4d and hoping something might be happeneing down there! ill know on friday : )


Jenn2 - May 30

For the women who are 39 and 40 weeks along and have no dialation yet.....what does your doctors say about that? I am 39 weeks, and I dont know if I am dilated or not since my doc does not check.


MooBaby - May 30

Hi, I am curious about Jenn2's question as well... I am 38 weeks today and my Dr. also does not check for dilation.... what do they say about being so far along with no sign of progress??


sp - May 30

Hi I am 39 weeks and also have no dilation or effacement yet. The doctor said anything can happen. He said I could go into labor over night and be fully dilated by the time I get to the hospital. Every woman is different. Some women can be dilated 2 cm for weeks while others dilate all at once!


lindsay - May 30

jenn2 and others-- my doc didn't say anything, just that he'd check me next week and see if anything was happening, and we'd probably schedule an induction for the end of next week if i hadn't gone yet... but something i've noticed, at least on here, is that it seems like a lot of times women who walk around dialted and effaced for weeks still have the same amount of a chance of being induced or going past their due date as those of us not seeing any "action." i've also noticed several birth stories about mommies who just spontaneously went into labor and delivered within hours... i'm hoping that we are like that!! LOL childbirth is just so unpredictable!!!


Corrine321 - May 30

Well from last week on wendesday I was 60% effaced 2 1/2 cm dilated! Tomorrow i will see if anything changed tomorrow!! By the way im 37 weeks and 1 day today!


Nora1 - May 31

I think this is very interesting! And Lindsay, you may be right...maybe it has no correlation - dilation to how long to delivery! I am curious to find out though. I went in at 35 weeks and 5 days and was 1 cm dilated. So, I'll let you all know next week if I've progressed any. I'm interested in hearing any new you all may have also! Good luck to you all - especially those of you in your 39 + week! :)


mejjohnson - May 31

I started to dilate and efface when I was about 38 weeks, since then I've been checked every week and very little progress each time. I am now 41 weeks and 5 days and at last my last appt I had reached 2 cm dilation and 70% effacement. But it appears that it doesn't matter b/c I will be induced Friday which will be my 42 week mark! I forget what it's like to have a flat stomach LOL :)


Cabbie - May 31

With my second, I went in on a Friday at 37/38 week appt. I was very high, thick, and long. My water broke that next Monday (three days later).



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