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angiebert - April 28

i am 35 weeks 5 days and he's still super high!! did you really KNOW when s/he dropped? could you feel it?


Emily - April 28

I carried my first low the whole time, but could def tell once I droped. Didn't drop til the day labor started. It really all depends on he person. I am now 32 weeks....can't wait to see how this one goes...


mama3 - April 28

My belly droped at 35 wks, Though my baby didnt drop in until 38 wks. With my first she drop and I went into labor the next day. It all depends like Emily said on the women and the PG.


Rachel0510 - April 28

I'm 38 weeks, 2 days and my baby still hasn't dropped. I was wondering when mine would too. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully soon!


angiebert - April 28

amen! i can't wait. his b___t is really digging into my ribs on the right side. :-(


Alycia - April 28

Mine dropped at 36 1/2 weeks. I'm 38 1/2 weeks now, and the relief I felt is starting to go away, as baby is growing to fill in the space!


mayaB - April 28

I'm 37 weeks along. I'm not sure if the baby has dropped. Everyone I see though tells me my tummy has changed shape. During the past days it has also gotten rounder and lower, and I've beeen feeling an immense amount of pressure. So .. I'm not all that sure..


Rachel0510 - April 28

Angiebert, I know exactly how you feel! Her b___t is killing my ribs. When are you due?


bean - April 28

I'm currently 40wks+1 and at 38 weeks she hadn't dropped at all. Now at my 40wk apt she's a little lower, but still not what the dct would call "dropped."


Ba8y6irl - April 28

I have noticed in the last two weeks that she is getting lower and lower... just today I really noticed it... I am going on 37 weeks...


ash2 - April 28

i dropped around 33-34 weeks in my pregnancy . i am 35 weeks and 1 day and EVERYONE that i see is telling me that i have dropped ! does this mean i will go early ?? :>)


krista-lee - April 28

im 36 weeks today, and the doc said my baby dropped about 33 weeks, even though s/hes still small. he said ill probably have her/him early! : ]


starr - April 28

I'm not sure when my baby actually dropped but i can definitely see a big difference in how low my tummy is. I can also feel her moving around way way down there. Hopefully that means that I will not have to push for very long to get her down where she needs to be like with my oldest. He was very stubborn. I pushed for what seemed like forever only for him to keep moving back up every time I pushed. I was exhausted just trying to get him down the birth ca___l then still had to push him out. Whew!


Jenn2 - April 29

I am in my 35th week now, and while she has lowered.....she has not totally dropped. My friend who just had her first child a couple months ago carried super high, and I dont believe she dropped until right around the time she went into labor. She even had her baby at 39 weeks....and like I mentioned above....it was her first child. I would love to go at 39 weeks.


Tess - April 29

Between 34ish-35 wks. Im currently 37 wks right now.


SusanS - April 29

I dropped at around 32 - 33 weeks. I carried very high throughout my entire pregnany. I my 34 week appointment, my Dr. was surprised at how much I had dropped, pretty much incinuating that I may go into labor early. I will welcome what comes, we're so anxious to meet her. Good luck to all.


angiebert - May 2

Rachel, i'm due May 29. when are you due? i went to the DR today. he said baby was very high. i am 5'4 and quite small, so he said even when baby drops, i may not get much relief. :-P



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