When Did Your Baby S Head Engage

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Kath - March 29

I'm 36 weeks with my first pregnancy, with a baby in the 80th percentile for growth (measuring about 38 weeks). I went to the doctor today and the baby's head doesn't seem to be engaged yet. The midwife said it might be because the baby is so big it won't fit through my pelvis. This worried me as I would like to avoid a caesar if possible. However, when I got home i looked in my books and it said engagement is usual anytime between 36 weeks onwards, sometimes just before birth. I guess I'm looking for reassurance from other mothers who can say "My baby engaged in 38th week and I had a normal birth"....so please let me know when your baby's head engeged? Thanks!


^lucy^ - March 29

hi kath, im 32 weeks pregnant with our first baby.. by engaged u mean that ur baby is not breech right? doesnt necessarily means that the baby dropped? anyway my baby was head down since 22 weeks and still is.. but it really depends and nothing could be accurate so dont worry.. usually they say first time preggers babies get to go head down early, that was the case for me but not for u.. dont worry and dont let the bad thoughts of caesarian and surgery worry u.. enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy and be happy u'll see ur baby soon :) my friend had her baby head down until 37 weeks and then she turned!! she wanted a c-section anyway so she had it due to baby turning back to wrong position.. so babies do turn at a point in the pregnancy even if it was late


SonicRose2003 - March 29

Hello. I am 36 weeks, will be 37 weeks on this coming saturday. I have been carrying my baby really so since about 28 weeks. I seen my doc just the other day, and he said she has moved further down into my pelvis. but her head is not engaged yet. Nor am I dilated or effaced that I am aware of. I have lost my mucous plug and have been having more bh lately and loose stools frequently. I have crampy pains off and on and sometimes my back and entire stomach will hurt so bad it hurts to even breathe. They have told me that if I am really worried, never to hesitate coming in and gettin checked out. Better safe than sorry. But, you can ask your doctor this question. If you are like me and things tend to slip your mind while you are in the doctors office, write down all your questions and give your doc the list. That is what i started to do. Best of luck to you and also to you too lucy!!!


Kath - March 30

Hi Lucy and Sonic Rose, thanks for responding. Lucy, i DID mean when the baby has "dropped". My baby has been head down for some time, b___the midwife told me one reason why the baby had not "dropped" yet was that perhaps my pelvis was too small and given the baby was larger than the average it might mean my pelvis has issues with allowing the baby through, (Although I am a big, sort of tall person). You are certainly correct that a baby can turn from breech to head down at anytime. Sonic Rose, I agree it is a great idea to write things down and I will be mentioning this again next week when I talk to my OB, believe me!! A list is the only way to go when you only have access to them once a week for 30 mins or so. As I said, when I got home and read up it said most first babies engage from 36-40 weeks so there is lots of time for us both! Any one else out there who can tell me at what point their first baby's head engaged?


^lucy^ - March 30

thanks sonicrose for your kind wishes :) good luck to you too.. you're lucky i cant wait till im that far!! thanks kath for clarifying this to me,, first baby so i dont really know many things :) hope ur babies drops soon!!


Daniella - March 30

Hey Kath- your baby can be feet down not engaged at all today and tomorrow she can be head down and ready to come out. My friend was told that since her baby girl would not go head down at all that they had to have a c-section. They checked again at 36/37 weeks... still feet down. So, they did schedule the c-secion for the following week. They had everything planned... took off work, etc. Got to the hospital in prep for the c-section and found out the baby decided to go head down at the last minute and had to cancel the c-section and sent home. Had the baby the week or so later. So, dont worry! Even if you have a small pelvic (I do, and so does my sister) your baby will still engage. It just depends on how much.. but at 36 weeks, the head shouldn't be too big for it to be a pelvic isssue. If you believe it may be... get a scan done or ask a doctor.. midwives usually can only guess. Yet, you want to make sure. Even though your pelvic bone still has time to expand and it will. Guess the best advice is take each day as it comes... you never know what tomorrow holds. Just hope for the best yet be prepared for the worst. Good luck!!


lor - April 2

hey, im 31 weeks pregnant and the baby is engaged already, is that normal>? x


ErinP - April 2

I'm almost 36 wks, and I think he dropped about a week ago, which surprised me because I heard after the fist baby they usually don't drop until right before delivery. I was checked a few days ago and the dr. said I'm not dilated yet but he could feel the bay's head and he was "all the way down". Maybe because I have the opposite problem, my baby's really tiny (10th percentile, at this point 4 1/2 lbs), so maybe he just slid right down there!


cattac - April 3

With my 1st he engaged at 38 w 3 d and I was induced the next day. He was 9 lbs and they were worried he would be too big. With my 2nd he didn't engage until I was in labor and with my 3rd she engaged on a Sunday (37 wks exactly) and I had her at 37 w 4 d. It can happen just before birth.


due-in-april - April 4

My Dr told me my lo was engaged at my 37 week visit. I wasn't convinced until I starting getting these shooting pains down my legs because she was sitting on my sciatic nerve. I felt a difference at about 37 weeks.


Kiersten - April 4

KATH, lol my son was hanging out up in the -3 station (head down but not engaged at all) until I was 8 1/2 cm!!! Went from -3 to +1 in 15 minutes, so you never know! He also measured ahead the last 5 weeks and was born 7.7 and 21 inches. Have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy (almost over!), smooth delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby! Congrats!



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