When Did Your Braxton Hicks Start

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cattac - November 17

This is my 3rd preg so you'd think I'd know but when did your BH contractions start? I'm 21 weeks and have had a few but dont remember having them this early. I always have a ton in the third tri though.


January - November 17

I was around 20wks when they started.. maybe even a lil bit before. I just delivered 10days ago and she's happy and healthy.. I think it's different for everyone.


missy046 - November 17

Mine started around 16 weeks or less for both this pregnancy and my last pregnancy.


whatisgoingon - November 17

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, I have only had 3 incidences of braxton hick contractions this whole pregnancy. Just wondering if that is normal also? I am well into my third trimester and only had 1 (noticable) braxton hick this tri, I heard braxton's increase in frequency during this last stretch - to signal that birth isnt far away?! Do some women just not get them as much or something?


cattac - November 18

OK well this is good to know. Thx for the responses! WHATISGOINGON... I think all women are different. Last year when I was pregnant I remember reading where some women never had one BH. I have tons- all the time toward the end. I dont think anything's wrong if you don't have many.


DDT - November 18

It started at 20wks for me to (my 1st baby)...in the 3rd tri they started becoming quite painful at times. I had my ds at 39w6d so it isn't a reliable indicator of labour on the way.


KRISTINA - November 18

I am 31 weeks and have not had any and this is my second baby and I didnt have any with my first. Maybe mine or so insignificant that I dont even know I am having them, either that or I dont get them at all.


Gemini_Girl - November 18

Hi, im 28wks and havent had any BH yet, well I dont think I have, this is my first so im not really sure what they feel like!


falafal0 - November 20

This time I started around 15 weeks gently, then built up. i gets tons of them, very strong in the last trimester and almost painful right at the end. I've had five babies, and they've all started a little earlier each time.


cattac - November 20

FALAFEL I guess that makes sense if these are starting now. I have a LOT of them- also building up toward the end. I know they started earlier last time for me and I guess it's the same this time. They aren't very strong yet I just know when they're happening.



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