When Did Your Little One Drop

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rachel_renee_20 - May 15

I went to the Dr's about a week ago (35wks) and my doc said the baby hasn't dropped yet and he felt my belly and said I was Plus three whatever that means I've not gotten a clear answer. Anyways I was just wondering when everyone else dropped. The doc says it should be easier to breath and she should be off of the nerves she's one once she drops, so Im really looking foward to that as well as the fact that baby dropping is supposed to mean that she's comming soon!!!!!


SusanS - May 16

I dropped at about 30 weeks. It does become significantly easier to breathe. I was certain that since she dropped so early that I would dialate earlier and maybe have her bless us sooner. I am due in 2 1/2 weeks and I have neither any dialation or effacement - go figure. Ask the doctor any questions you have.


krista-lee - May 16

i dropped around 35 weeks, now 38. When the doc says plus three, it means the head is still high up in the pelvis. when the baby hits 0, its dropped and the head is making it was to the cervix, 1 is in the birth ca___l, 2 is crowning and 3 is out (this is what it says in my book, it might say different elsewhere)


mishy - May 16

I dropped at 30 wks both pregnancies.. I know plenty of others that didnt drop into a few hours into actual labour!


angelbebe - May 16

I began to drop around 35 weeks. I am now 38 weeks and she is pretty far down, not sure how far though. More room to breath, but lots more discomfort in my pelvis area...sharp pains and aching. Eh, it's a trade off I guess. At least this stage won't last too long!


Nora1 - May 16

I don't know if I've dropped or not yet (I'm almost 34 weeks), but I'm having lots of sharp/stinging pains down low. They told me this is nerves. I wonder if that means that I've dropped? Rachel Renee you menitoned though that the baby will be off the nerves though once she drops. But Angelbebe, you mentioned that you have more discomfort now. What do you think?


eli83 - May 16

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and yesterday my doc checked me inside and the baby hasn't dropped yet, but he is head down. I'm a little worried if I go overdue.


Tye - May 16

I dropped at about 34-35wks but then at 38 wks the baby went back up. At my 39 wks appt. the baby was even higher up than at 35wks. So at this point I have no idea when she is going to get herself ready! I'll be 40 wks this friday and will have my doctors appt. thurs. I'll be crossing my fingers!


rachel_renee_20 - May 16

I went to the Dr's today and Im 80% effaced and 1 cm dialated and the dr said she is way way down low.


ashley - May 31

i apparently have dropped though I thought with your second plus pregnancy you didn't drop. I had went to the doc yesterday (32 weeks along) and had some different discharge so they checked ot make sure I wans't dialating or anything, which I am not, but she said the baby was way low......she didn't say how low, but she was having a hard time feeling the cervix because she said the baby was right there.. lol yes its very uncomfortable and lots of pressure.


Corrine321 - May 31

I started to gradually drop around 33 weeks, I'm 37 weeks and 2 days today.. and about 4 days ago it seemed to me like she dropped BIG time! Good Luck To You All!!!


Jenn2 - June 1

honestly, I think it happened gradually for me. I noticed a little change around 36 weeks, and then just in the last few days (I'm 39 weeks)...she has started dropping more. I was carrying pretty high earlier in pregnancy.



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