When Do Braxton Hicks Usually Start

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Mandi_Lin - February 1

I am almost 28 weeks pregnant and I think I have had Braxton Hick contractions, but I am not sure....when do they usually begin?


sparkles - February 1

Everyone is different. I think they typically start in the third trimester. Mine started in my 20th week. My Braxtons feel like my whole uterus gets really hard and I have a rock in my abdomen. Then it goes away after 30-60 seconds. Sometimes, my belly feels achey with it.


bean - February 2

I've learned in my natural childbirth cla__s that they can start at any time, but whether or not you actually feel them depends on your nutrition and fluid intake. Contractions are muscle spasms (just like you get when exercising). The more fluids and good food you have in you, the less likely for lactic acid build up, and the less likely you'll actually feel the contraction. I'm 28 weeks and haven't felt any, but many women in my cla__s who are weeks behind me already have.


JennyC - February 2

Mine started about 28 weeks, but the other ladies are right - they can happen at any time. Some people have them right from the beginning.


al - February 2

i have read that they can start as early as 20 weeks


Alycia - February 2

Mine started at 16 weeks, and now I have them all the time, stronger every week. I drink a lot of water and eat very well, but every woman in my family gets a lot of strong Braxton-Hicks starting very early. Luckily, very fast labors also run in the family - perhaps there is a connection?


Tess - February 2

From what Ive read and from what Im experiencing.....towards the end of your 2nd tri. but some women might feel it or have it sooner. Hope that helps.


karen - February 2

I have been getting them for a while now. I'm 28 weeks but have had them since probably before 20. Early on, I only got them when I exercised or walked really fast, but now I get them a lot.



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