When Do Most Women Stop Working Before Delivering

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madison - January 21

this is my first pregnancy and i was wondering when most women quit working prior to delivering. i am a teacher and on my feet most of the day, though i have had a near perfect pregnancy so far and have felt great. just wondering what i need to tell my boss my last day will be, i plan on asking my dr. as well, just wanted to get some of your opinions! i am due march 30th and was thinking i would try working up until march 23 (assuming i havent had the baby yet, that is).....not sure if this seems realistic or not???


trish2041 - January 21

i am 37 weeks and stopped working at 34 weeks. i'm a chef and even though i have a a good pregnancy at 34 weeks i started getting alot of pains and found it hard to work. my work is very flexible so they had no problem with me taking time off the time i did. it's pretty much up to you and your body. as soon as your body starts to tell you to slow down listen to it.


mamagoose - January 21

I was planning on working up until the end of week 38, but I made it half-way through week 37 and I just couldn't do it anymore... my back & hips were killing me, and I was so exhausted... luckily, my work let me take it day by day, so it wasn't an issue that I took off a little earlier than my best intentions! It all depends on how you feel towards the end... you might feel terrific on March 23 and even like you could work longer. Good luck!


sahmof3 - January 21

I've been a stay-at-home mom since my oldest ws born, but when I was pregnant with him I decided to just go as long as I felt I could... which was right up to my due date. I actually worked on my due date. I felt like I could have kept on going, but my supervisor (a kindly older man, but one with no kids and no experience with pregnant women) was a nervous wreck. I swear he was going to have a heart attack having visions of having to deliver my baby. He basically told me he didn't want me around anymore lol he was afraid of me:-) I ended up going to 41 weeks, 6 days and even then had to be induced to get things going... so he had nothing to worry about after all ;-)


Tammy276 - January 22

When I was preggo w/ my son, I was done working at 37 weeks. When I went in for my 36 week check up, I was 3 cm and 100% effaced..though I felt great and could have kept working,, I opted not too because I did not want to go into labor at work!! This time around, I think I am going to be done by 34 or 36 weeks. I feel horrible already ( I am 30w), am on my feet at work and I just can't do it anymore. I have a 2 yr old and he wears me out by the time I have to go to work....It really depends on the woman. If you think you can do it, go for it!!


zay28 - January 22

I worked with my dd until the day she born. I tink it depends what do you do. If you work in an office you can work until the last dy. If you job requiere you to be walking or standing up long periods of times then i think is hard ... I t depends how you feel ..


firedoor05 - January 22

right now I'm 39 weeks, 3 days and today is my last day at work. i probably could work for another week, but in case i do go into labor anytime soon i wanted to have some time to myself as well as time to finish things up around the house and spend some time with friends before i have my daughter =) ive felt great except for about the past week, and i don't feel bad, it's just getting harder to get up early, get ready on time, and commute to work!


crystal74 - January 22

i am 35 weeks on wednesday and i have a desk job, but i'm just exhausted and very sore. i have lots of aches and pains in my pelvic area and legs. it hurts to get up and down all day. so i'm going to try to make it till maybe a week or two before my due date which is feb 28th


chrissi79 - January 22

I worked full time up until week 38, then did part time for a week. I'm 39wks now and this is my first day on mat. leave. It really depends on how comfortable or uncomfortable you are, and what your health and everything is like. For me I wanted to work up until the end b/c I get so bored and hate feeling lazy...plus keeps your mind occupied. I'm glad I have some time off though, nice to relax, and I might as well take advantage b/c there will be none of that soon!! :)


Kims_new_belly - January 22

Madison..this is my first pregnancy also.....Due on March 27th.... and I also teach,.....Primary......with all the lil bodies and lil desks I'm finding it hard on my back already......I've decided along with my doctor to work until I'm 35 weeks......If it weren't for my back I would go a bit longer,,,,,,,,as with everything just listen to your body......and you don't wanna be in lbour in the cla__sroom....haha...


Natashasmomma - January 22

I am 39 weeks and still working today is my last day, because tomarrow I will be induced. I think it just depends on you though, your body will let you know! Congrats and good luck!


niccki - January 22

Wow, you are a trooper! I teach 2nd grade and due April 28th. I only plan on working until March 23rd and that's if I make it. Do you teach primary or upper level? If you teach primary I would leave a little earlier. Most doctors take you off at least 2 weeks prior to your due date. Also in our district you have to write a formal letter and have a doctors note stating your last day before you actually leave. I would call your payroll or human resources office to ask exactly what you have to do before you leave. Hope this helps! Best wishes!


DB - January 22

I was planning on working up until I went into labor, but I developed high blood pressure around week 37, so I started working half-days but by the middle of last week (when I was 38 1/2 weeks) I called it quits!! I'm 39w1d and I'm glad I decided to stop. It's nice to have a good week or so to relax. I'd tell your boss your plans, but make sure s/he's aware that this can really change at any time!! My high blood pressure came out of no where and my doctors were very adamant about having me rest on my side as much as possible. Good Luck.


DDT - January 22

On my last day of work (full-time office job) I will be 37w5d. I am 36w1d today and am looking forward to having a little time off before baby comes even though I think I may get bored...expecially if baby decides to come late.



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