When Do U Start To Dialate And Going Natural

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Athenajack - December 16

I have had TONS of BH contractions since I was about 16 weeks. Two weeks ago I was spotting for the 3rd time. Dr. checked me and said I was dialated at a 1. Since my work was so physical, he put me on leave. Says I was in risk of preterm labor due to lifting and standing. I have not spotted since or had very many BHs. Everytime I spotted, I think the baby completely changed positions. How early in preg. are u supposed to start dialating? BTW I'm now 33 weeks. Dr. say baby is safe to go at 37 weeks. I wouldn't mind being 2 weeks early, cause thats the worst part. Even though I'm not looking forward to labor this 3rd time, I'd rather let nature take her course. I've gone natural with the first two. 1st time, 3 hours contractions, 8 min pushing. 2nd baby, 1hr 45 min total, 4 min pushing. Its not that bad when you know what to expect and it doesn't last long. Hope this one is short too. I don't know why but the second time was much easier. I was so stressed out the first time I couldn't breathe. 2nd time I had back labor, it hurt in my back so bad that i just stayed calm because i wanted it to be over quickly. Hopefully, we will get to the hospital and pop him out in just enough time. I don't want to have to be in hospital for more than the ten minutes i was there last time. I really hate the thought of having to lay in bed for a long time having contractions with nurses and drs and family coming in and out. Only problem with that is hospital is over 30 minutes away, and I don't want to wait at home too long and have him in the car. I would consider a home birth except, I'm too scared about having complications that could only be handled in hospital. And my husband would be way too freaked out and would forbid it. Hes not very good in high pressure situations like me. Sorry so long, anyone feel the same way.



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