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MC - October 19



sian - October 19

i'll be 40 weeks in 2 days and have never been 'checked'.hopefully at my next appt (tomorrow) they will check.


*me* - October 19

My doctor starts at 35-36 weeks.


Ashlie - October 20

My doc started at 32wks but I also had alot of preterm labor and had my labor stopped twice before I was 36wks and ever since then I have been checked at every appt. It all depends on your doc, if by 36wks you havent had one and want one done you could always ask.


lisa - October 20

im in uk and its 41 weeks, although i got checked at 39.2 as i was having contractions every two mins. other people, im guessing from america get checked well early and get sweeps at 38 weeks, my midwife wil not sweep till 41 weeks, bummer


sonia - October 20

i have been checked at 38 weeks i am in UK


Jo - October 20

I started going weekly and having internal exams at 36 weeks. I'm now 38 wks.


Kelly K - October 20

It's different with each doctor and each pregnancy. My doc started at 37 weeks.


kim j - October 20

i was 35 weeks but having alot of contactions. i was 1cm then. i didnt get checked at my 36 week aapt but she hopefully will do it again on mon which would make me 37 weeks but im measuring 41 weeks.... eeeek


Tara - October 20

I got my first at 37 weeks.


Shannon - October 20

i didn't get one until i went to my 39th weeks appt. i now have 3 days til my due date.


Steph - October 20

I just had an appointment yesterday and got checked (I am 35 weeks) but he only checked me because I was having cramping, back pains and a lot of pressure that past couple of days. Otherwise I am not sure how often he will check - I am just a__suming at the rest of my weekly appointments. Good Luck!


c - October 20

I got checked Tuesday when I was 36.5 weeks pregnant. My ob-gyn wanted to check my cervix because my baby is in the breech position and I may need a c-section though. Gosh, I quickly remembered how much I detest them as it's been sheer bliss without one. If you like, I'm sure you can ask your ob-gyn and they will perform one.


Christy - October 20

I have a GBS test scheduled for next week (35.5 weeks) and I am guessing they may take a look inside while they are down there. If they don't, I won't be too terribly sad. :)



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