When Do You Feel Braxton Hicks

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letgo0527 - April 14

I am 28 weeks preg, and I have never felt any Braxton Hicks contractions?? Does everyone get them?? When do you usually start to feel them with a first pregnancy?? Any advice is appriciated, thanks!


Karen S - April 14

I started getting menstural like cramps at 28 weeks but they ended up being nothing and now at 37 weeks I started getting BH about a week ago. I think it's different for everone


Nora1 - April 14

I got them very early on. Maybe about 20 weeks? Some don't get them until the end, but my dr. said it's normal to get them that early also.


bean - April 14

I'm 38 weeks and haven't felt them at all yet. Some people never feel them.


Ciera.Danielle - April 14

I'm also 38 weeks, and have felt maybe one through this whole pregnancy, I'm still not even really sure of what one feels like. Good luck with your pregnancy!


mom2b2x - April 14

I never had braxton hicks with my first and i was induced at 39 weeks with her but this time i have had them since about 32 weeks and a friend of mine whos baby is 10 mths now was induced at 38 weeks and never felt any contractions or even lost her plug so again its diffrent for eeryone ... gluck


Nita_ - April 14

I haven't felt BH either. I asked my midwife yday at my appt and she said some people get it around 28-30 weeks but not all pregnant women feel them...I'm in my 30th week now.


MooBaby - April 14

Everyone is so different! I got mine as early as 16 weeks, but that is unusual. Mothers will feel them in different ways, and for me it is like my whole abdomen gets very hard. Its very uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt. I mostly get them when I am active or moving about... but I have also got them by just laying in bed!


Tess - April 14

Im sure you have.....but you just dont noticed it...or its not that bad. BH is when your tummy tightens really hard and it usually last 2-3 mins.



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