When Do You Start Feeling Really Bad

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Bonnie - November 9

I don't think I've ever seen a pregnant person near her due date who wasn't miserble and desperate to get the baby out, lol. When does it start getting that bad? I am 30 weeks this friday and so far I feel like I'm doing okay. Minor irritations with back aches and such, but not bad at all. So when can I look forward to the bad parts everyone gets? Around what weeks?


Jane - November 9

I think it strikes at different times depending on how much you are suffering. For me it is this week - week 36. A friend of mine just fell pregnant and I was reminiscing with her about 1st trim morning sickness and then thought "hang on, I am still in the same pregnancy"!!!! It is just the length of it all that is getting to me - I forget what it was like to not be pregnant. But it is also the "waiting for it to happen factor" that drives women nuts. Hopefully you will feel fabulous right up until the birth so don't worry too much!


Eryn - November 9

I never had that feeling that I wanted my baby to get out. Probably because I was so d__n scared to give birth! I was really uncomfortabe about the 37th week and went into labor my 39th week. Good luck


Cher - was due Nov 8th! - November 9

I love being pregnant and I think that with this pregnancy (my 4th) I have enjoyed it alot since I think it's my last. However, I have been getting uncomfortable since week 37 with feeling really big and heartburn and carpal tunnel in my arms at night and trouble sleeping all together - but through all that (and now being overdue) I am trying to enjoy every moment with my baby still inside:) I know I will miss being pregnant afterwards!


heba - November 10

I am also 30 weeks pregnant ..this is the 2nd child I still feel good and i know as the time goes it will start to feel bad ...it strated in the 37 week with my 1st child cause i wanted to give birth and hold this baby as it was a very amazing feeling and i know that i will do the same with this 2nd baby ...:(


pbj - November 10

I think I really started feeling miserable around 35 weeks, I'm 38 weeks now and if she popped out right now it wouldn't be soon enough. Good luck


Jo - November 10

I was definitely a freak...i didnt love being pregnant, but i was never uncomfortable. in fact, the day i delivered i felt i could go alot longer and i was 2 days late. i was also very small even full term and very active, which made things alot easier.


Amanda - November 10

I cannot believe everyone is saying 36-37 weeks. I am 33.5 weeks right now and I am MISERABLE!!! I seriously don't see how much longer or bigger I can get. Everyone thinks I am due any day but little do they know I have 6.5 weeks to go and it cannot come soon enough.


j - November 10

I'm with Amanda. I'm 34 weeks and don't think I could possibly get any bigger or uncomfortable. My ribs hurt like crazy from trying to take deeps breaths. I've really had a hard time breathing lately and am SOOOOOOO ready for this child to come out. I have days where I'm sooo ready for labor and days where I'm having axiety attacks because I don't know if I can handle labor. I hope I go into labor on a day I'm ready for it. :)


Jennifer - November 10

I agree with Amanda and J, It started at 33 weeks for me. I'm 35 weeks now and wondering how I will ever last to 40! I have terrible back pain, and I'm sick to death of not being able to bend over or breath. For me I was feeling great and then boom! overnight it seems I started to get miserable.


chrisy - November 10

I love my pregnant belly and watching the baby move around! But, I am also achy, I have headaches and heartburn is increasing and I am having trouble sleeping. I am at week 29 but I am not huge. I need to keep my fingers and legs moving every once in a while to improve circulation. I getting more annoyed because I am due in January and these weeks keep getting slower and longer!! I want to see our baby.


kris A. - November 10

Every woman is different, I am due Nov 20 and still working - 12 to 14 hour days every day this week - and on my feet from 5 am (work at 6) and home around 9 pm. Then house cleanup, review homework, then try to sleep around 10 - average sleep around 4 hours a night because I have restless leg syndrome and between that and bathroom, I sleep in 1.5 to 2 hour chunks, then the rest of the night I am watching animal planet. Since I am busy during the day it's not so bad, backaches and braxton hicks, but night time I cry alot I am so exhausted and cant sleep. But I also think this is my last pregnancy - 4th child, so I am not desperate for her to come, and I enjoy her squirming around inside. (She's quieter that way ..hehehe) Seriously, the demands of a newborn are enough to keep me content with her being inside as long as she wants.. best of luck.


tracy - November 10

overall, i've had an awesome pregnancy - i'm due in one week, and was supposed to start my mat leave next monday. i figured so long as i felt good, i may as well work. anyways, i just decided to start my leave today; the baby dropped so much yesterday that i now have a serious waddle & i'm getting alot of cramping. i was quite the spectacle around the office yesterday heaving myself up & down to get around! and really, until yesterday, i've felt really great. and even now, it's not so bad. so my discomfort really just started at 39 weeks.


Bonnie - November 10

Thanks guys! I guess it mustbe different for us all. I guess maybeit's not so bad for me as, like Eryn, I'm scared to death of what will come!! I can't believe I only have 10 weeks left and I'm REALLY starting to panic about it now. :( Plus, at 34, this is my one and only pregnancy so I'm trying to remember and enjoy it all....even though I do get a little uncomfortable at times. I figure, even though I'd love to have my body back (lol) I'll never go through this again so I better remember it all. .................... I just wish I could feel better about this labor part. :(


kris - November 10

Dont worry about labor, Bonnie - that's the one thing to not worry about. I am also 34 and this is my fourth ( probably last)... just remember that it is going to hurt, and not get pulled into panic. That's what makes labor so terrifying to so many girls - they start hurting and know they cant stop it, so they panic knowing they are stuck hurting for an unknown amount of hours. They tense up and dread each contraction, which makes everything a thousand times worse. Try to approach it one contraction at a time. Do your breathing and try to take a really warm bath in the early stages, and unless there are complications, stay home as long as possible. You can manage your own pain and have some control over it - with ma__sages, walking, squatting down, hot baths, etc. (no bath if water broke, though) then when you get to the hospital ask for pain relief if you want it. Try to ride the contractions out above the pain - and keep the thought that each one down is one step closer to your new little one. Good luck!


Tati - November 10

Hey Bonnie, I am on my 34th week and this past week was harder then others. This is when it starts getting up even more often at night now not only to the bathroom but because leg cramps and other aches. I am 22 and this is my thierd pregnancy and I'll tell you it's not as easy as the first two. Everytime it gets harder. So if this is the only one for you try to even enjoy the aches because you will remember them after and it will make you feel good that you went through all those aches and pains and didn't complain. ALso like all the readers said it comes in different time for everyone. Depending how much you gained and how much activities you do. If you keep your self busy for ex. me having two girls 3 1/2 and almost 2 the only time I feel bad is when I rest. Often I get up in the middle of the night and do things because I can't sleep. Good luck to you hope you won't feel like this up until labor or better never.


Kelly K - November 10

I'm 41 weeks now, still working and just now getting miserable. Today is my last day at work though since we're going to start trying to induce Monday night. I was really blessed with this pregnancy though. No morning sickness, swelling or a ton of weight gain. So to me.. I just feel a bit heavier in the front.



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