When Does Baby Start To Turn Head Down

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Trish# - June 14

I think my gal is still lying transverse, across my belly. I'll be 30 weeks along on Sat. When SHOULD she turn head down? Will I feel it?


Nita_ - June 14

I'm in my 39th(oh my goodness!!) week now and the baby is in head down position. I have been told by my midwife (when she feels for her on my tummy at my appts) that my little gal has been head down for at least 7 past appts. I always thought my baby was transverse across my belly as well, caz I could feel movements right across my belly. But my midwife said they are her elbows and knees bumping/moving. So maybe your gal is already head down! Check with your doc.


Nita_ - June 14

oh and I forgot to add, the baby moves around quite a bit. So she could go head down anytime she wants or move around. Of course as the weeks progress there is very little room for her so wonder if she can flip around like that! Although the way I feel the baby sometimes I'm pretty sure she's doing some acrobatics in there! LOL!


skn331 - June 14

my baby flipped at 33 weeks and I definately felt it. The doc confirmed today that he has indeed turned head down.


iakram - June 14

hi trish# - i just had a scan at 32 weeks and from the looks of it the baby is head down. but i couldn't tell for the life of me...if i wasn't told otherwise.


GraphxGirl - June 14

My baby has been head down since I was 27 weeks.


Trish# - June 14

Thanks, girls! I'll ask my dr at our next appointment. Nita, maybe she IS head down and her movements just FEEL like she's transverse, like you said. Makes a lot sense! I was just wondering when they start to turn. I hope she turns, and not breech! Just wasn't sure when this was supposed to happen...


krc - June 14

my man was head up till about 31 weeks. It was obvious to because it seemed I was carrying so high..like right unde my b___st. Then for about 2 days it just felt different. I felt him as he was turning because I felt his hands and feet at my sides only. That lasted about a day and a half. Then suddenlt it looked as though I was carrying lower and I had all this pressure above my pubic bone whereas I never had that before. Sure enough my doc said he finaly turned. He still moves around though..he likes to be somewhat sideways alot. Now at 33 weeks he is constantly moving. It feels like he just hangs out doing stretching exercises all day !!!



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