When Does Hand Feet Swelling Start

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ThePezChick - July 7

New to the 3rd trimester board.... Everyone keeps talking about their hands and feet swelling. When does this start? I'm a little over 27 weeks now and haven't been experiencing it thank goodness! Just trying to prepare myself for what's to come.


Tanna - July 7

You may not experience it at all. It can happen any time really, or very very subtly, or not at all. Some women have to take off their rings at 20 weeks, some at 30 weeks, some not at all. It all depends on the person.


Angiconda - July 7

I am 32 weeks and had to take my ring off at 30 weeks although I had swelling before then it just got worse. I would consider yourself lucky if you havent had it or dont get it.


livdea - July 7

I never had any swelling...only when I walk or something like that, I'm lucky! 39 weeks!


Erynn21 - July 7

You may not get it, I only get swollen ankles when I am on my feet for too long(I work as a hairstylist) so I have limited my hours to 6 a day 3-4 days a week, and that helped immensely. Some ppl get it really bad others don't, it's just like getting morning sickness, just because someone else gets it doesn't mean you will.


Erynn21 - July 7

Oh yeah I'm 32 wks.


krc - July 7

i am 36 weeks and haven't had an swelling whatsoever. Every woman is different.


tryingx3 - July 7

I was jealous just reading the posting headline!! :-) I started swelling 17 or 18 weeks, but oddly and THANKFULLY it seems to have evened out and is not even as bad. I did become very aware of the amount of water I was taking in too. I try to get a minimum of 64 oz and most days easily go over.


Soontobemom - July 7

I started swelling around 33 weeks or so, and now I am 38 1/2 weeks prego. My fingers are starting to hurt too. I am gonna be taking my rings off very shortly, feels like my fingers hate them.. My feet are swollen from the moment I wake up til the moment I go to sleep. (They are quite painful actually, that my hubby grapped my foot the other day and I almost started to cry). But hey, only a very short time left for me and I will be meeting my baby girl, so it's worth it every step of the way.



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