When Does The Baby Drop

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ARD - June 26

Hi ladies!! I'm 36 weeks and 2 days and haven't noticed that the baby has dropped - but of course I'm not sure what it feels like. I do know she is still kicking or moving under my ribs pretty high up still, so I'm assuming she hasn't dropped. I do feel pressure pretty low at times, but not enough to notice a major difference. When should I expect this to happen?


Roary - June 26

My baby dropped at about 31 weeks; It was very sudden and noticable from the belly profile. I also started getting more pain and pressure in my pelvis and I stopped feeling the baby jam up against my lungs. This is my first pregnancy; I am 38 weeks 2 days pregnant right now. Babies don't necessarily drop until labour has actually started. Though, with a first pregnancy,the baby generally drops in the last 2-4 weeks.


ARD - June 26

Thanks Roary for your input!! I was beginning to wonder if she was going to drop at all!! :o) Thanks!


Angiconda - June 26

Ard thats a great question I felt like mine dropped to on saturday I suddendly felt a lot of pelvic pressure like somehting was going to fall out I dont know if he dropped or what is going on.


Deb - June 26

I've been feeling the pelvic pressure and everything but I still don't think my baby has dropped. I still am carrying high and get pressure in my ribs here and there. I do have a short torso, though, so maybe I won't notice the baby dropping at all.


livdea - June 26

I had NO idea my Girly had dropped! I think I've been pretty oblivious to this whole pregnancy! I went to the dr and he was surprised how low she was just by looking at me from last appointment. I was like "oh, really? you think?" lol, go figure she was engaged! Then I started to notice the pressure and stuff that everyone was talking about but I probably wouldn't have if he didn't tell me I SHOULD be feeling it! Anyway, that was around 35 weeks for me!


San_dee - June 26

with my first, i never dropped, labour did that one for me


ashley - June 26

i didn't drop with my first one like you are "suppose to" I felt her drop when I was in labor... With second now, he has dropped because I have so much pressure in the pelvic region and am getting horrific pain in the groin/leg/hip/thighs. I dropped around 33 weeks I think


Kara H. - June 27

I just dropped at 31wks, which kicked off a flurry of braxon-hicks contractions, back pain, and period-type cramps. I ended up at doctors office for monitoring. Cervix is still nice and closed, but my doctor said that it was not uncommon for the baby dropping to start a chain reaction of other labor symptoms. I am now 32wks and despite carrying the baby lower, I have not had anymore labor symptoms. But my doctor said not to be surprised if real labor starts in about 4 wks. I guess that is a common window for first time moms.


ARD - June 27

Thanks ladies!! I go to the doctor tomorrow for my FIRST internal of the third trimester so I'm pretty nervous about that. I'll find out then probably if the baby has dropped. Thanks so much for all of your input!!



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