When Does The Doctor Start Checking Cervix

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Lu - December 14

At what week does the doctor start checking for dilation/effacement? Thanks!


Leeza - December 14

I believe at 36 weeks.


Bonnie - December 14

I have an appointment friday (at 35 weeks). He is going to do the strep B test and start checking the cervix (...joy...).


terri - December 14

my cervix has not been checked yet and i am 37 weeks pregnant. i had the strep b test done at 35 weeks pregnant., but my ob has not checked my cervix as of yet


Lory - December 14

She checked mine at 36 wks ( I asked her to), not at 37. I go back tomorrow for my 38 wk appt. Don't know if they will or not. If I want to know if something's going on...I will probably have to ask her to do it again.....which seems unusual to me???


Jennifer - December 14

I have internal checks every week until I deliver. I had the first one at 36 weeks and tomorrow I will be 38 weeks.


YC - December 14

mine starts at 36 weeks and checks at 36, 38, 40 and 41.


patty - December 15

no checks and am 38 weeks but doctor said next appt at 39 weeks he will ck and stir things up a bit **excited** about what we will find out he said they don't want to mess around down there too much cause of risk of infection so.....I am fine with that it makes sense


Anne - December 15

I'm 33 weeks and they always ask me if I want my cervix checked, but I say no. It hurts if you're not dilated cause they push so hard. I figure if nothing is happening (like contractions etc), there's no reason to check.


Amanda - December 15

I started getting checked at 36 weeks. They also did my group B strep test that week. At 36 weeks I was dialted 2 cm and 70% effaced and it definitely hurt to be checked and I didn't have any contractions as of then. At 37 weeks I was the same and at 38 weeks I was 3 cm and 70% effaced but I have yet to feel a single contraction. I am being induced on Monday the 19th...I will be 39 weeks then. Only 4 days to go...I am finally starting to get nervous.


ameigh - December 15

my doctor said today he would check me next appointment, and by then ill be one day away from 38 weeks, so from the other posts, i guess its different for every doctor.


amber - December 15

i am 35 and a half weeks, she just started checking me today:)


Bonnie - December 16

Well, had my strep B test today at 35 weeks and he checked me for dilation as well. I must say, I much preferred this internal exam, lol. ASt least they didn't shove that shoe-horn thing up there. It was a much better experience. :D


shelly - December 16

depends on your doctor, my doc said every doctor is different. He starts checking at 38 weeks unless I'm having contractions before then, so I would just ask your doc



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