When Does The Sixth Month Start

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eyes82000 - July 13

Ok I'm a little confused when it comes to months. I'm so use to telling everyone how many weeks I am, not months. I'm 26 weeks right now and will be 27 on Monday. I just read somewhere that the sixth month is from 23-26 weeks. I thought the sixth month didn't start until the 27th week. I'm so confused!


apr - July 13

6th month starts from week 23-24.


soon2bmommy - July 13

You are actually getting ready to start your 7th month- week 27-28. You must be due around 10/17. Thats my duedate as well! Can't believe we are finally hitting the 3rd trimester!


eyes82000 - July 13

Yep, I'm due 10/17.I can't believe I'm about to be 7 months. I don't know why I was thinking I was about to be 6 months. A month must of went by without me noticing. LOL


SuzieQ - July 13

I've started to say I have 12 weeks left (i'm 28 wks) and people seem to leave it at that. Lots of people don't understand the month system or the week system. Crazy huh? You'd think by now we'd have it narrowed down to one system :)


KLT - July 13

I'm confused too. soon2bmommy - I get emails from www.americanbaby.com and www.babycenter.com which both say that i'm 6 months now (due Oct17th too). When do we start counting to determine what week we are? From the date of our last period??


soon2bmommy - July 13

KLT - I think it really get confusing around this part because some people say that the last trimester starts anywhere between weeks 26-28 and thats where the confusion comes in about the months.. I am not sure how exactly you get there but when you are 28 weeks you only have 12 weeks left which is approx. 3 months.... I could be wrong its so confusing!! The books I have been reading say we should be entering our 7th month right about now or in the next week there is a little discrepency there.... I guess it really is safter to go with the number of weeks we have left. How are you feeling?


soon2bmommy - July 13

Hey I also just checked a website I go to often parenthood.com and it says 7th month starts at 28weeks.... :0)



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