When Is A Good Time To Put Up Crib

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kmoselle - November 13

I am dying to put up the baby crib, but I don't want to jinx myself. I am a very supersticious person and feel if I put up the crib too early, something bad will happen. I hate being like that and thinking this way, but what can I do? I have 13 weeks left in the pregnancy and this is my first. So while I am being very impatient, I am very cautious at the same time.


FlyBear - November 13

OMG, I haven't even bought mine yet, but I promise it will be up within a couple of days of getting it home. Probably even the same day. I'm going to start buying some baby detergent so that I can get all of his clothes washed and my baby shower is in two weeks... I'm getting so excited and so anxious. I don't think it's too soon. You probably don't want to wait until too late because who knows how tired we'll be and there's always the possibility of delivering early or having to go on bed rest for some reason. Have fun. I guess as long as it's all done by the time you need it done, then there's really no rules to it!


Krissy25 - November 13

I don't think it is too early to get the baby's room ready, if you have the crib you might as well put it together, plus if there is anything wrong with it or it is missing a part it gives you enough time to return it and get another one.


kmoselle - November 13

Thanks! I guess I can put it up over the long Thanksgiving weekend! Especially since I'll have family over- I'll just make them do it :-) I was going to put up another post about when a good time for the baby shower is. I want one early enough so that whatever I do not receive I will have time to buy. And I don't want it too late for the worry that I will deliver early or not have the stuff I need. Then at the same time, I am worried about having it right in the middle of the holidays when everyone is buying presents for their own families or unable to travel bacause they already have travel plans for either or both the holidays. I am so confused! My sister is throwing my shower but she is leaving the date up to me. Hmmm....????


FlyBear - November 13

Well, we're military and don't really have any friends or family where we're at now so my friends and family back home are going to have me a shower the Saturday after Thanksgiving while I'm there. I thought the same at first with it being so close to the holidays, but I think it'll be fine cause people are already telling me some of the stuff they've got me. People like buying baby stuff. Especially if it's your first, they'll be so excited for you.


Krissy25 - November 13

I think 5-6 weeks before you are due is a good time. I had 3 showers total. The last 2 were too close to my due date. One I made but just by 2 days and i was miserable and tired and it just went on too long it seemed, the other one had to be rescheduled b/c it was planned a week after my baby came (she was 3 weeks early) Some people brought me the gifts b/c they thought i would need them right away. It was kind of fun though b/c i brought her to the 3rd one and everyone just loved that she was there.


Krissy25 - November 13

Oh and i agree with Flybear, people love buying baby things, i wouldn't about it being too close to Christmas.


Teddyfinch - November 13

i waited until about 6 weeks until d-day. and d-day is on monday lol. i'm about to invest in a trampoline =P


mjvdec01 - November 15

Our daughter will be three in February. I had her room completely furnished, painted and decorated by the time I was 7 months pregnant. Our son will be 4 months on Tuesday. I had his room completed by 7 months as well. What are you ladies waiting for?? When I got each of their rooms finished I would hang out in there for hours, going through baby clothes and putting things in the perfect spot. It is part of the fun of having a baby. Now that I have my kids, I get joy in clothing them. I have full wardrobesfor our daughter through next summer, and our son as well. Nathan is now in 3-6months and his 6-12's are hanging in the closet as well, waiting to be washed as soon as they will fit. I buy just about everything for our kids at Gymboree- I'm addicted. I also buy shoes ahead of time. I am always looking at Ross for Stride Rites. One day I hit the jackpot and found five pair, all different sizes, all different styles. They retail at Nordstom for $45-$55, but I didn't pay more than $13.99 for each pair. I get so excited when that happens. Anyway, I don't shop so much for myself, but I love buying for my babies. PUT UP THAT CRIB ALREADY!!


Kimmer23 - November 17

My hubby just put our crib up this past weekend (while I was my baby shower). I'm 31.5 weeks. I'm not supersticious, but I understand your concerns. I just really want to be prepared too, and who knows if that little one could come a little early ;)


kmoselle - November 17

We decided to put up the crib over Thanksgiving weekend. I am so excited! mjv- I have TONS of clothes through the first year, too- but I forgot all about shoes! Thanks for the info on Ross. I will have to check them out for shoes! I hope I have everything else!!!


austynsmommy - November 17

I just now put Jacob's crib up and I'm 33 weeks. His room is now done except for washing all the baby cloths.



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