When Is Everybody S Due Date

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Maureen - October 7

Hi all, I was just wondering when everbody's Due date is? Feel Free to let us know. My due Due Date is actually tomorrow but the Dr. said anytime 2 weeks later as well. So far I only feel some Braxton Hicks but no "REAL" contractions as of yet. Wish me Luck, Thanks.


bec79 - October 7

My due date is Nov. 25 (Thanksgiving Day). I have also been experiencing Braxton Hicks. Good Luck with your new baby.


Sam - October 8

My due date is november 24th (the day b4 my b'day)..do you know what your having yet?i found out 2 days ago that im having a Girl :-D


kellie - October 8

my due date is November 7th but we are not going to make it that long they are taking me off my procardia next week Monday doc says so we may have a 36 weeker i think they call them i have never had a premature baby i had a full term premie...this one is a baby girl i just pray that she is healthy when she is born


kf - October 9

I'm also Nov.24..I haven't got any braxton hicks yet tho..this is my first baby


teia333 - October 10

My due date is between Nov 1st and the 10th, my doctor won't get any more specific than that..


Chelle - October 11

My due date is Dec. 14 I will be sooo sad if I am late!! I will give anything to be early so the poor kid doesnt miss out on having a birthday and Christmas


Dez - October 12

my due date is november 16, baby girl!!!


Ally76 - October 12

I am due on Nov. 25th but based on last ultrasound and the fact my cervix is thinning, doctor/US tech is thinking maybe more like the 2nd week of November....we'll see but at least I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel


lolly - October 13

my due date is 21 oct only seven days left cant wait


MAUREEN - October 21

HI ALL, Guess what?? I did it! On October 13th at 8:41AM I gave birth to a Beautiful Baby Boy! 7 Pounds, 12 Ounces, boy was he big! No wonder I was having so much trouble walking, and felt I had to hold up my stomach all the time. Anyways, everybody is healthy and fine. Good Luck to all of you who wrote in. Thanks for your imput. BIG HUGS, Maureen.


Ashley - October 22

June, 9 2005!!!!!


mandy - October 22

december 27th baby boy


Mrs. Williams - October 22

May 15,2005


Alexis - October 22

Hi, I was told sometime in the last week of December thru first week of January 2005.


name - October 22

congratulations Maureen! Did you have a good labour ? how did everything go?


Laura - October 25

My due date is January 6th but my doctor thinks I will deliver early as my first child was 5 weeks early. I have a strong feeling it will be in early December.



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