When Is Everyone Here Due

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tara - May 4

Hi, my EDD is Aug 8th with our first baby. Don't know what we are having :o) Just curiouse as to how far along everyone on here is.


Patty - May 4

Im due June 23rd, second child.


PP - May 4

July 20th 1st baby.


E - May 4

i'm due TODAY!! having a girl, first baby.. no sign of her yet


Toya - May 4

E, I was wondering where you were!!! I went to the Dr. today and I am 3cm dilated and 20% effaced. They went ahead and stripped my membranes. It didn't hurt at all. The baby is still high however.


tara - May 4

E, this is so exciting. You'll have to keep up posted on how everything goes. Toya, what's stripping the membranes all about? I've never heard of this.


tara - May 4

ps...glad to meet you all :o)


Toya - May 4

Tara, I am 39 weeks and 3 days and my dr's are not going to let me go past 41 weeks of pregnancy without induction and so today at my appointment they stripped my membranes...That is when they separate the amniotic sac from the uterine wall to stimulate the cervix to cause more uterine contractions.


Danielle - May 4

I am due May 19, first child.


nelly - May 4

july 25 but everyone seems to think i will go early.


E - May 4

No signs of anything yet toya. I guess i wont be giving birth before you.. even though my due date is today.. And im still at 2 cm.. have been there for awhile. and i dont even think they do stripping of membranes at my doctor but she told me friday if nothing happens before...


Toya - May 4

E, hang in there. You're still 100% effaced...you can start your further dilation at any time now...So, far the stripping of membranes hasn't done anything for me...I think we're both going over our due dates. :) My mom is flying here on the 12th, so maybe she'll be here for my delivery...


Keyon's mommy - May 4

I'm due may 27th


jenn - May 5

im due on aug 10th


N - May 5

I am due July 2nd, 1st child and ready !!


Jennifer - May 5

Nelly, I am also due on July 25th.


tara - May 5

Toya, thanks for the info I had never heard of that before. Hang in there girls! your day will come soon :o)



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