When Is The Most Common Time To Go Into Labor Weekwise

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MommyMeg07 - December 29

I hear about more people going into labor at 36 and 37 weeks than I do at a full 40... but then ladies also tell me all day every day at any store I happen to be at "Oh the first is always early" and "Oh the first is always late". I know most of them are just relying on Old Wives Tales or their own experience, but it's so confusing!! What do y'all think?


Tammy276 - December 29

Remember, your due date is just a "guess" as to when you will go into labor. The truth is, babies come whenever they are good and ready!! You may hear a lot of woman talk about going into labor early, but there are also plenty of woman out there who go past their due date by one or two weeks. It just really depends on the woman, so it is different for everyone and it hard to say when the most common time is to go into labor.


sahmof3 - December 29

I agree with Tammy276, mostly because my name's Tammy, too... (no just kidding (my name really IS Tammy, though))...because, everyone's different. I'm not sure what the "average" week is to go into labor. I also heard, "It's your first, you'll go early" and "It's your first, you'll go late." lol... Well, 1/2 of them were right... I went late (41 weeks, 6 days). The next two were scheduled c-sections, though, so I don't know when I would have gone into labor with them.


Kristin11 - December 29

Like the ladies said, it depends on when your baby is ready. Everyone has a opinion on when you will go, but nobody truelly knows but your baby. I went into labor at 36 1/2 wks with my first. Who know when i will this time, i guess when ever he is ready.


Lala - December 29

No one really knows what takes place in out bodies to initiate labor. They understand some parts of it: like the baby's lung maturity is part of what starts the process in a healthy (not pre-term) labor. That's important for us anxious moms to keep in mind. When the baby's lungs are mature, labor will likely start. So, we just have to hold on a little longer! Take care!


MommyMelissa - December 29

That's really cool Lala, I didn't know that. I love the answers ladies!! Thanks!! More are definetely welcome!! :)


Lala - December 29

oopps: in ***our*** bodies. It is cool, isn't it!? One more tip: our due dates are considered accurate only +/- 2 weeks. Remember they based the due date off your last period, not when you conceived (since most women conceive 2 weeks after their last period. But, if you ovulated some other time in the cycle, the due date would be off a bit. That's why the standard has always be that "full term" is 2 weeks before or after the due date; NOT 36 weeks (like the trend is right now).So, it seems to me, we should just try and trust our bodies, as long as everything is going well. Everyone, take care; and let's all get some nice healthy babies!


MommyMelissa - December 29

Yeah!! Go team preggos!!! :) I've heard the +/- 2 weeks thing - that makes it so exciting!!


Lala - December 29

Oh, I keep thinking of other points I want to make (hope not to sound "preechy"). Baby boys do take longer to mature, especially caucasion boys. I know it sounds weird, but the stats prove it without a doubt. Hispanic and black girls fare the best when born early. Then the boys, then white girls, then lastly white boys. They tend to have more trouble when born early. So, I'm speaking for myself b/c I'm carring a "whoosey white boy" that he needs to cook a bit longer. LOL!


Renee924 - December 29

Yeah, I have a video from National Geographic called "In the womb" it says that when the baby's lungs are mature they start producing some kind of hormone that goes through the placenta and when it reaches the mother's brain it signals us to stop releasing one hormone (Can't remember the name, progesterone or something) and start releasing oxytocin which starts the contractions. Was interesting.


Steff - December 29

I am already 2 days "late' with my first :)


Lala - December 30

Ladies, we are all getting close! It's exciting, isn't it???? I go off the Procardia pills that I've been on for about 5 weeks to keep the contractions away TOMARROW. So, I'm hoping nothing happens too soon. I'd like to get in another two weeks (38 weeks then), and then it's all game! Let's all do the best we can to take care of ourselves and grow some healthy babies whom we get to meet soon!!!


kerryv - December 30

everything i have read says that full term is 37-42 weeks. this is my first too so i have no idea but i have heard it is all different- with each pregnancy and each women.


byansmommy - December 31

well with my daughter i dont know when i would have went into labor cause they induced because of preeclampsia but this one is a boy and i started having contractions at 36w and still having them and im now 38w3d and im 5cm and almost 100% effaced and i would have had him by now but he hadnt dropped which he had today finially so hopefully tonight or tommorrow i will have him cause my midwife keeps telling me that once he drops im going to have him and i started having some good contractions today but nothing really strong yet so im hopeing that my water will break cause i've been in l&d twice for contractions but they couldnt break my water cause he was still to high up which was very fustrating but im glad i did make it this far cause i didnt know when i went into labor the first time that boys do have problems if they arent full term but good luck and have a happy holiday


Lala - January 2

How are all you ladies doing? We are getting closer every day!!!! I am 36 weeks now. If I have my way, I'd love to have him close to 38 weeks.


Justine1 - January 3

I read that the most common time to go into labour (80%) is 10 days either way of your due date. I thought the first was normally late though my first was induced at 37w0days as my waters broke at 36w4days. I'm 38+6 with my second now so I'm with the trend this time.


Aviendha416 - January 3

I went into labor at 38 weeks 6 days. My son was born at exactly 39 weeks. It's different for everyone. There is no SET week for labor to start. The only thing you should be concerned about is that labor happens AFTER the 37 week point where your baby is considered to be full term. GL



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