When Is This Kid Gonna Come Out

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ladybug - June 20

hi ladies, i'm due in 5 days on the 25th and i cant wait. i am so darn uncomfortable i cant do anything anymore..i cant sleep cant walk too long b/c it hurts can hardly shave my own legs i have like 2 pair of shoes i can wear. im so sick of this already! i went to the doc yesterday and i get more aggravated when i go b/c they tell me the same thing everytime. i have a feeling im gonna be overdue. this is my 1st pregnancy and im very happy and excited but dang this is getting rediculous. does anyone else feel the same way as me? i'm just so ready for this to be over. does anyone think any of the old wives tales actually work about doing stuff to bring labor on? ps..this kinda venting actually made me feel a little better lol..good luck to all the mommies!!


krista-lee - June 20

believe me, when the baby comes you'll be wishing it was back inside! lol, i know i am now. but i felt the same way for so long, my original due date was may 26th, changed to june 3rd, so really i was 5 days overdue. i read online that eating raw potatoes can bring on labor. but insted of doing that i put some potato chips in the fridge and ate the whole big bag, and the next day i went into labor. could be a coincidence though lol. dont worry, i thought id be pregnant forever and now i miss it!


Athom - June 20

I've tried everything except the castor oil thing and the potato thing.. which I just read about myself.. and NOTHING works... I go today to see if anything has changed in the last week. I'm going crazy myself... along with being uncomfortable..not able to move, get in and out of a car, bed...chair..whatever... Everyone has been asking since 33 weeks... (Now 39) When are you gonna have the baby.. . you havent had that kid yet.. your still here.. AAAHhhhhh I'm going Crazy. Sorry... anyways I just wanted to say.. I havent found ANYTHING to help induce labor. :(


MelG - June 20

I'm also waiting for labor to happen. I eat spicy food everyday and even tried some off the wall stuff like eating lots of pineapple because one of the midwives pages said it worked. I mowed the yard severasl times, take long walks with my dogs, it did nothing but bring on horrible menstrual like pains that are now with me constantly but yet I don't go into labor. I've been trying to find pages on the internet to find out the theories behind what they suspect causes labor but I can't find anythng but old wives superst_tions, etc. There must be some science behind it but it doesn't seem to be easy to find. Oh well, hang in there. Eventually something's got to happen.


ashley - June 20

MelG i had never heard of the pinapple thing! I went to Hawaii in march and i was 21 weeks pregnant and I ate TONS and TONS of fresh of the vine pinapple... gave me the sh*ts thats it! lol It tasted so good though but my tounge kind of hurt for a few days, lol. Ladybug-I had a guy say to me 7 months, wow you must be due pretty soon, and i said OH yeah in THREE months.. he felt kind of sheepish. I have the sharp shooting pains in my groin and starting at the top of my but and running down my legs. I feel like I have two people pulling on my legs and im fighting to keep them together. I feel so much pressure in my pubic region. This kid likes ot play trampoline on my bladder! I can sympathize, excpet im only 35 weeks :-( I still have 2-5 weeks TO GO! Yikes


Audrey - June 20

Ashley, you stated the exact reason why pineapple is supposed to help bring on labor. Supposedly having the "sh*ts" helps induce labor. :))


MelG - June 20

Well, the pineapple did turn my stomach this morning and I had some terrible nausea and diarrhea. I thought it might be it, but it was only pineapple revenge.


ashley - June 20

ahhhhh so it must not do anything to start labor unless you're ready to go?? Good to know, cause I love that fresh pinapple. kept me regular too! lol



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