When Is Your Baby Most Active

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kmoselle - December 22

I am 32 weeks along. I find my baby moves around A LOT when I am driving! The second I start driving he's moving around- and he moves the entire time I am in the vehicle- whether I am driving or the passenger. I drove to my family's for the weekend, which is 3 hours away, and he was rolling around in there, kicking and moving the entire time! I wonder if that means anything???


CourtneyHope - December 22

I am 27 weeks and my little booger moves constantly!!! She moves the most though when I am sitting down, or laying down in bed.....it is weird though, cause there is no time where it is more than the other really....last night was the first time someone else other than my husband and I felt her move, and that was pretty amazing. She is kind of stubborn though, usually when my hubby tries to feel her she stops when his hand gets close, but last night, and this past weekend, she has not minded. I love it!!! I wonder if your little one moves in the car because of the vibrations....maybe the music?


gummibear - December 25

mine is most active at night, when i lay down. he's a night owl - kept me up at night a few times - but rarely wakes me by moving in the morning. when his kicking started interfering with my ability to fall asleep, i'd shake my belly, poke back, or put my SO's hand on my tummy to get him to settle down. now there's no space to kick so its a nonissue. i'm 38 weeks. i've never noticed movement while driving. its interesting, b/c out-of-womb babies often fall asleep in their carseats. maybe your baby doesn't like the movement?


angelmonkey - December 25

i find my little girl is most active the moment i rest............sitting sleeping standing still for more than 5 mins.........im 33weeks


LauraRey - December 29

I find that mine is pretty regular in her schedule. I can count on 6:00-9:00 at night being an active period. Also, I've awoken several time during the night recently to find her moving around. She is getting more active now...or at least I'm feeling her more often. (I'm 27 weeks along.)



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