When Is Your Last Day Of Work

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kmoselle - December 4

Flybear posed a good question in the "I feel blue" post. When is everyone's last day of work? I plan on working up until my water breaks and/or I go into labor. I will only have 6 weeks of maternity leave saved up and can't afford to not get paid for any amount of time. I am lucky that some of my co-workers are planning on donating me their leave hours so I can take a full 8 weeks off. They all think I am nuts since I have 10 weeks left and I am already waddling around the office big as a house!


FlyBear - December 5

I'm due Feb 9 and I'm planning my last day of work to be January 30th. I really don't want to start having contractions and/or my water to break at work cause I work on the complete opposite side of the city from my husband and I work with ALL men. I'm the only woman in the building all day so there's not going to be a dang person to be understanding and help me out if labor comes on quickly (which I realize it normally doesn't) AND that'll hopefully give me a lil time off to rest and maybe get some last minute things done before he gets here. We'll see. There's always the chance that he comes early and that whole plan is out the window. lol


kmoselle - December 5

I do consider myself lucky that I work with mostly all women who have kids. And one girl was an ob/gyn nurse when she was in the military. We already have a plan for when I do go into labor- whoever is on duty that day gets to take me to the hospital! My dh works an hour from our house (we live in the country!) but the hospital and my work are halfway in between our house and his work. So that would also save my dh from having to drive an hour home and then another 1/2 hour to the hospital. Plus, like I said- I definately want to save the leave days to spend with my baby. I cannot wait! 10 more weeks. I CANNOT WAIT!!! WooHoo!


Bryandi - December 6

I am having a c-section and my delivery is scheduled for December s10th. My last day will be December 9th. I too want to save all my time off for when the baby comes. I am taking 10 weeks off. Fortunately only 2 of them are at 80% of my salary. There rest are 100%. If I were having a natural birth, I think I would also work right up till the day I went into labor. Although I agree it would be very nervewracking to think my water might break while at work.



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