When Should A Shower Be Scheduled

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mj - September 8

Has anyone had theirs yet? When is a good time?


k - September 8

I'm 36 wks today and my shower is Sunday.


Kelly K - September 8

I'm 32 weeks and mine isn't until the end of this month.


Brachah - September 8

We are having our shower after the baby is born. My husband, children, immediate family and I will take care of the necessities before the baby arrives ... and the shower will be for the swings, bouncers, strollers, etc ... PLUS the guests will get to meet the precious, honored recipient. I know it's kinda backward but I think it will work alright for us.


Barb - September 8

I'm having my shower at 36 weeks too...but I wish my mother-in-law would have scheduled it sooner. I'm so tired these days and it doesn't leave much time to get stuff washed,put away,ect....you should have it whenever you want :) Good luck!


MM - September 8

Usually after thirty two weeks in my exerience.


Ruth - September 8

I had two showers. One with friends and family and one with work. I was 32 weeks and 34 weeks. I wouldn't do it much past 37 weeks because you could go anytime and also you want to have time to get the things you still need before the little one is here.


Amy - September 8

I am almost 36 weeks right now and my shower isn't until the 24th. I don't know that I will make it.


Mary C. - September 9

I'm due November 15th. My shower is on October 2nd. :-)


Heidi - September 9

I had mine at about 32 wks and I wish I had it a few weeks sooner as I couldn't really get the nursery ready or buy anything till I knew what I got from the shower. I was just anxious to get it all put together but luckily I got a crib and everything I needed at the shower so now I just have to run out and get a few extras and that's it.


Melissa - September 9

My MIL is having a shower for me after the baby, i have no idea when. i keep asking her and she has not decided yet. I would rather have it before the baby comes, that way I wont be nursing etc. Since its going to be afterwards, I want it AT LEAST a month after. I am a first timer and want to have a chance to get used to everything and heal up before I have to parade my baby around in front of all kinds of people.


jackie - September 9

I am due dec 3 and my shower is oct 15th...I think that should give me enough time to get the nursery ready??


cheri - September 9

i am 32 weeks and i had my shower at 28 weeks i am glad i had it early it gave me time to set up nursery and to buy things i didn't get, and i already sent out my thank you cards so now i can just concentrate on the baby.,


Heidi - September 9

My fiance's family wants to wait to have one for me after the baby is born and I wasn't really keen on it but since I was having a big shower from my side before she's born, I didn't care. I got everything I needed from my family's party. I don't like the idea of having to run out and buy everything I need when that's usually what a shower is for. Now everyone in his family is asking what I need or didn't get at my shower and I'm like, nothing. Duh!!!! I guess you could buy me tons of diapers but I don't even know what brand will work best yet so that's kind of a bad idea too. They're like, well what should we get you? Beats me! Gift cards?!?!?! I have enough clothes to last the first year so I definately don't need any of that stuff.


SRG - September 9

I am due on Nov 10th, I am having my shower on Sept 17th, just over 32 weeks.


Ranya to Heidi - September 11

How about starting your baby's college fund :)


dani - September 11

I'm due Dec. 30th and I'm having mine Oct. 8th. Only because of the holidays, or otherwise I would wait until November sometime.



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