When To Have Baby Shower

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amandababy - January 27

I have heard that baby showers start taking place in the 30th week. I am in my 30th week and have my baby shower tomorrow (I'm excited!) and I keep hearing 'why so soon'? Is this to early? This is my first baby so maybe I'm jumping the gun a little? When did everyone have yours?


sye - January 27

in my first pregnancy, my baby shower was in my 8th month but i think it depends on who's throwing it...my friend wants to throw me one this time but i keep telling her i don't need it because i'm having another girl and still have most of everything.


hi - January 27

i am having my baby shower at 31 weeks becuase it is out of town any time you like i think is fine i dont really think that there is a set time


Drew - January 28

I had my shower after the baby was born. I knew a couple who had their shower in her 35th week, and had her baby right about the time she was supposed to, but sadly there were complications during delivery and the baby pa__sed away. They were left to deal with all this baby stuff to deal with, and though they wanted to try again sometime they didn't want to keep all the stuff that was meant for that baby and use it for another. Just kind of a constant reminder I guess. Sorry if this story offended you, I just wanted to give another point of view. But I also wanted to wait till after too because it was fun to actually have the baby at the shower for everyone to meet. I think it should be whatever you are comfortable with...whatever makes you happy. Let us know how your shower went!!


jb - January 28

Around your 30th week is the perfect time, I think. It late enough in the pregnancy to be excited and showing pretty well. But its not too late to worry about going into labor during the showerr! :o) I had one around my 30th week and one aroun dmy 36th week. Now Im almost 38 weeks and totally ready for this baby!!!!


Tess - January 28

Im doin mine when Im in my 32nd wk due May 19th. So right around end of March.


Maggie - January 28

I had my shower last week at 35 1/2 weeks, and let me tell you now I have a lot of work on my hands. I say kudos to you for having it earlier because you will have the energy to wash all the clothes, put things together, organize it all, etc. I'm so tired and don't have the energy to do it all. My husband is working like crazy so he can take off when the baby is born. He is so exhausted when he comes home that I feel bad to ask him to do this stuff. He already gives my son a bath and does the whole read the story and put him to bed thing. He is practically asleep before he sits down to eat. So have fun , and I hope you get everything you want.


amandababy - January 29

So, I had my shower yesterday and it wouldn't stop raining. A lot of people didn't even show up after they RSVP'd they would be there. It sucked. I got some things I wanted, though.


CDN Baby - January 29

I'm already at 33 weeks and nobody is giving me one. i'm from another city and my dh's family did nothing even though they're huge and he has dozens of relatives. we've been to many many weddings and showers and always gave gifts. it's thoughtless on their part. anyone agree? i'm very upset.


amandababy - January 29

I agree! That is very rude and inconsiderate of them! I would think twice about attending their parties! Or maybe they just a__sumed your family would give you one. Either way, I'm sorry!!


amb - January 29

i had my shower today and like amandababy, lots of people rsvp'd but never showed up, and they are people i work with so that upset me even more :-) but all in all it was a great day!!! oh and im about 32 weeks,


CDN Baby - January 29

Thanks, amandababy. It's nice to know I'm not crazy and people can sympathize.


Leslie - January 30

Amandababy...I had mine Saturday (I'm 35 weeks) and I wish it had been at least a month sooner. I didn't want to go out and buy anything before the shower but I felt like my nursery was empty and was scared the whole time how unprepared I would be if the baby came early. I think 30 weeks is perfect!


jb - January 30

My family had one for me at 35 weeks. I thought it was a bit late, but I can't complain. It was very thoughtful of them to host it for me. My co-workers are throwing one for me a week from Friday. I will be 39 weeks then!!!! Once again, all I can do is be grateful!! I think around 30 weeks would be the ideal time to have had it though. It gives you time to prepare the baby's room and figure out what other "must have" purchases you need to make in the upcoming weeks.


mel - January 30

my work baby shower will be at 36 weeks and my family shower will be after the baby is born.


katie - January 30

I am 34 weeks and I have two showers this weekend. I hope this gives me enough time to get everything ready I feel like Im running out of time and what if the baby comes early i wont be ready. but Im sure that will go away after the showers but Im also afraid that I will be too tired to enjoy them. So I think 30 weeks is a good time to do it and it still gives you plenty of time to put everything together and get anything that you are missing.


Kel - January 31

I had mine at 31 weeks. I thought it was soon too, but I wanted to feel good at my shower and be able to put everything away and not have to rely on someone else because I was too tired to do anything.



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