When To Pack The Bags

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SuzieQ - July 12

so the t_tle says it all - when should I pack my hospital bag? Is 30 wks too early? I'm only 28 wks right now but am trying to get 'everything' ready :)


Revel - July 12

i packed my bag in may and im not due until the 26th of july :P i wanted to be prepared...welli packed the babys bag i should say, im waiting to pack mine until i actually go into labor figure it will give me something to do between contractions and waiting on a ride to the hospital lol


momofalmost3 - July 12

With this pregnancy I didn't pack until .. well last week and I'm due Monday! But that's because I am SO anxious I know it would make it worse. With my first I packed around 32 weeks and 2nd I packed around 36 weeks. You can pack when ever you want, no time is too early. Then you can ad as you go! Don't forget to put the baby book in so they can put footprints in it for you!


Mingill - July 12

I don't think there's a proper time to pack your bags, whenever you feel like it I suppose. So if you want to pack now, go ahead. I'm 31 weeks and it hasn't even crossed my mind to pack yet, but I've always been a procrastinater.


EricaG - July 12

I think 30 weeks is probably a little early, just because when you're like 35 weeks along and really starting to get tired of being pregnant, you don't want them staring at you making you miserable, lol. And also, in the last month and a half, the time starts to go reeealllyyyy slow and you want to have something to do when you begin nesting! Anyway, you can pack it now or later, it doesn't really matter. I'm 36 weeks and am just going to get around to packing mine this week along with some other things. After a rough 2 weeks (5 gallbladder attacks! 3 resulting in nights in the hospital and 2 being more mild) I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about induction at 38 weeks. So I better get going on stuff, lol. :o)


Krista - July 12

I'm almost 33 weeks and packed mine, my husbands, and my babies bag....all except the "get ready" stuff I use daily of course...I wrote all of the "get ready" stuff I'll need to throw in a bag down on a paper thats sitting with the bags. I've also charged the video and digital camera's and we're ready to go. I'm not DUE until Aug 27...BUT my sis had her kids a month and a month and a half early so I dont see any harm in being too careful. =) I LOVE having it done...I even have EVERYTHING needed for the baby and the nursery is completely done....it's nice knowing I can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. I'd say...PACK IT UP! lol =)


krc - July 12

I am 37 weeks and still haven't packed my bags !! I think about it though. Im in no hurry, I hav a book that has a very good list of things to pack I can go by so one night when I can't get no sleep I think i'll pack then !


Kara H. - July 12

I started packing mine at 32 wks, but probably didn't finish packing it for about two weeks. I kept thinking of things I wanted like peppermint ma__sage oil, lip balm, and a disposible camera in case my digital camera acts up, which it has been known to do from time to time. So I just stuck it in the baby's room and added things as I thought of them. I also had to pick up a few things at the store, like an extra bottle of contact solution and pair of drawsting waisted yoga pants to wear home. I also packed a bag for my hubby and stuck it in his trunk since he works tons of hours and will most likely be meeting me at the hospital straight from work.


everthiki - July 13

I haven't yet and I'm 35 weeks, due Aug. 18th. I just started thinking about it though and probably will this weekend. Funny thing is, friends have been asking me if I'm packed, they seem more nervous about me being prepared than I am...lol. Like some of you said though, it gives us something to do while waiting around the last few weeks.


SuzieQ - July 13

Thanks ladies - I just had a friend deliver at 29 weeks (yikes - like less than a week away for me!) and got kinda freaked out about popping out this baby early :) Her baby is doing great btw - just got home from hospital and is gaining wonderful weight


afwife - July 13

i'm 37 wks and just packed mine 2 nights ago. I had my dr. appt. on Monday and when he said i was softening and dilated 1 cm., it just made it a reality that this could really happen anytime now, so i got my b___t in gear. but i do think 28 wks is too early. you'll see when you get this far along and time just starts dragging. i would've hated to have to stare at that bag for the past 10 wks, as ready as i am to have this baby!!!!!!! at my birthing cla__s, they said you should get it packed around 36-37 wks.


everthiki - July 13

Does everyone know what to pack exactly? Are you packing a carry -on suitcase or a duffle bag/backpack? Just curious...I am going to look through some of my books for a list of items.


ITSABOY - July 15

I am 33 weeks and my babys stuff is packed and i am working on mine.


Tanya2 - July 16

With my daughter, I packed my stuff after my water broke, she was 39 weeks when born and I wasn't expecting her for atleast another week. I shoved a bunch of stuff in my bag. Still I was in labor for 18 hrs plus and inbetween, after I got the epidural, the nurse sent my husband away since I needed to rest, was too excited to sleep though, learnt my lesson, this time I am sleeping, so my husband took the chance to go home and get some more stuff for my daughter. This time i will have things packed by 37 weeks, although again I'm not expecting my son until the 40th week.



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