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MC - November 7



Theresa - November 7

I have heard that you should drink it all through the pregnancy. I have started drinking mine a month ago. Once a day I hope that will work for me. But some people say you should drink more than one pack a day.


Jen - November 7

I have been drinking 3 gla__ses a day for the past month. I am nowalmost 38 weeks and my crevix is soft and I am dialated to 1. Plus, it tastes really good!


Melissa - November 8

I was told to only start drinking it six weeks before I am due otherwise it can bring on contractions. I dont know how much of it to drink though and it seems to make me go to the loo even more frequently so I only have a cup a day which is probably not enough!


Brooke - November 8

I've been drinking two cups a day since I was 28 weeks. I'm 36 weeks now. No contractions, but I'm hoping to have an easier labor.


Kelly K - November 8

I have been drinking 3-4 cups a day for the last 6 weeks. I'm now 4 days overdue with no dialation.


Kayla - November 8

I've been drinking it for 2 wks now, 2cups a day, since then, i've gotten stronger contractions but no progress as in dilation and such, I wouldn't want that anyway now at 35 wks. Dr says it's not to induce, just prepare your uterus for delivery, make it strong and toned! I hope she's right...


YC - November 8

Is there a particular brand that you all are drinking. Do you drink this hot or cold? I am 34 weeks so I would like to start drinking it if you all are finding it helpful. Thanks!


Kayla - November 8

Hi YC.. it's me (hehe) I went to a health food store and the most popular brand for any tea was Alvita. I bought that and also another box of the organic type. I tried both, there is no difference in taste and asked doc and she said there should be no difference if both boxes state "raspberry LEAF" as the only ingredient. As for the way I take it, I am a huge coffee drinker, so I replaced my cup in the morning for the hot tea, then I prepare another cup or 2 during the morning when i get to the office, and just let it sit, and take it cold in the afternoon (it's not bad either.) I've noticed stronger contractions, but my doctor's visit yesterday proved that nothing is going on down there, which is good for now. But it's definitely making my muscles get a work out!


s - November 8

whats the average price for the tea? i havent looked into it yet, but i was just wondering if its one of those rediculously overpriced things, or if its reasonable...


YC - November 8

thanks Kayla, I will have to go to the health food store and look. So you just drink it plain, well after soaking the bag in the water right? When did you start drinking it?


Theresa - November 8

Where I live the price for a box shouldn't be nomore than $5. Honey is real good with the red raspberry tea. It taste real good too with honey.


Kayla - November 8

I started 12 days ago (but you could start earlier or later...), and i put 1 sp. sugar (only because I like rebelling) per cup, it tastes better sweet, honey is a good alternative if you don't feel like being a bad girl like me... and for both boxes of tea I paid 4.95, the difference was in the quant_ty per box, the Alvita tea has 24 tea bags, and the organic has 18.... I was going to post that on our yahoo thing, but forgot ;)


LRK - November 9

I started drinking it this past week. I am 29 weeks. A suggestion for making it less expensive: some natural grocers sell it as a bulk herb. You can just buy a tea strainer ball from a kitchen store and use that to brew it. I first found a Celestial Seasonings tea that had red raspberry leaves, but also a bunch of other ingredients. I then found a tea in a health food store that just had the leaves. I am already a little tired of the taste. Maybe the honey will help.


Sarah - November 9

What is red raspberry tea suppised to help with?? I have never heard of it.



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