When To Start The Prenatal Classes

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KrisD - June 15

Hi! For those of you that are taking any sort of prenatal classes, when did you start? I am nearing the 30 week mark and getting a little nervous... Are your classes spread out over a bunch of weeks? And do you find them helpful? Any info would be appreciated!


gw - June 15

I am 35 weeks and started my cla__ses last week. May be different as I live in Ireland, but ours are spread over 4 weeks...seem like they will be quite good and talk about pain relief etc with the midwife.


Jennifer - June 15

I just took mine last week, I was supposed to go about a month ago, and had to cancel, I am 34 weeks now. I live in Canada, and we have a choice, we can either take them spread out over a period of I think it is 5 weeks, one night a week, or one all day cla__s. I took the one all day cla__s 9-5 on Saturday, it sucked being in there all day, but at least it is over with in one shot. It is somewhat helpful, expecially if you are a first time mom. This is my second child, but I took it again, becasue my son is 6, so it has been a while for me.


BBK - June 15

We're having ours at 37 weeks.... cutting it close but everything was booked. This cla__s is on the weekend from 9 to 4:30 on both Saturday and Sunday. I heard that they are only helpful to some people but most forget eveything when D-day comes


Christina - June 15

I was wondering the same thing. I am 30 weeks and have heard from some people that it did help and for others not so much. So I don't know if I want to go or not. I guess it wouldn't hurt.


KrisD - June 15

Wow! I can't believe how close they cut it.... I would have thought that I should be taking them by now.


Christina - June 15

Yeah, I though I should be taking them by now, but didn't realize people went as late as 37 weeks!! I have an appt today so I am going to ask my doctor what he thinks.


~E~ - June 15

If you are talking about childbirth cla__ses, we started last week (at 26 weeks). It is 6 weeks long and I want to be done well before my due date... that way I have finished the cla__s in case the baby comes early... and I dont' want to be dragging myself there after work the last few weeks of pregnancy since I hear it gets quite uncomfortable. I like the 6-week sesssion, that way you get a little info at a time..have time to absorb the info and enjoy the cla__s... not overwhelming.


Babygirls1st - June 15

I signed up @ 20 weeks for prenatal cla__ses. I am 28 weeks and start a once a week 6 week session on Monday. This is my first baby.


monica - June 15

to bbk, with my first born we took them pretty late and my son came early so we never got to finish ours. I wont be taking them this time, I never used anything I learned becaue I can be stubborn and just wanted to yell.


KrisD - June 15

Thanks guys, hopefully we can all squeeze them in. Do you think your husbands/partners are getting anything worthwhile out of it?


monica - June 15

my husband did he rembered everything.... it was me who was being a brat!


Nick - June 15

I am 30 weeks and we have our all day cla__s this Saturday. Someone told me that if you read "what to expect when expecting", then you already know everything they are going to talk about. We are going to go, but if it is not helpful we are going to leave early.


BBK - June 16

Monica, I'm not going to worry much then. I still don't know if I'm supposed to do anything besides being there. All, I should mention that there were other cla__ses at different dates all over the city, but these are in the same hospital the birth is taking place. If anything we'll become familiar with the hospital layout and *their* routine. I'd say first check with your birthing place to see if they offer cla__ses in their premises, or at least tour the facilities. My wife felt much more comfortable after a tour there.


Summer - June 16

Hey KrisD.. I started my cla__ses 2 weeks ago and I'm 38 weeks now. =) Mine are in a series of 4 cla__ses every Tuesday, and the last one is 3 days before my due date LOL There are some people in my cla__s who started at 33 weeks, so I guess maybe its just up to your doctor/midwife and how they like to do it. Some people I've known to go 6 weeks, some 4 and some only 2. I do know, however, that my midwife asked me around 32 weeks if I was interested in taking them, and signed me up for the next set of cla__ses that started in June. Maybe you should ask your doctor when the next set of cla__ses is and when you should enroll. Hopefully you don't have to pay 40 bucks like I did. Good luck!!!


lrp - June 16

I had an all day cla__s this past Sunday, this way my husband was able to attend. It was about 7 hours long but very informative, a lot better then going to four or five shorter cla__ses over a longer time period. Either way I found it helped with questions I didnt realize I had, and also got a hands on look at the hospital I would be delivering at. I was at my 36 week mark the day I went to the cla__s.


Cin - June 17

My husband and I are taking our prenatal cla__s next week and I will be 29 weeks. It is one cla__s a week (2 hours) for 4 weeks. It was my DR who suggested that if I was interested to do it now. This is my first baby and my entire pregnancy has been full of surprises. I am hoping this cla__s will kelp ease some of the anxiety that I have about this last trimester and LABOR! (Plus they take us on a tour of the hospital where I will be delivering at.)



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