When To Take Off On Maternity Leave

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Lisa - September 20

I am 35 weeks. How soon will my Dr. take me off of work? I haven't had any complications other than the usual heartburn and some swelling. I would like to take off Oct.7, I am due the Oct. 27.


sam - September 20

im 35 weeks and im due to take my leave in a few days. my last day is saturday!! it was up to me when i wanted to leave but because my job is so physical and stressful the midwife advised me to leave earlier rather than later so i can have a rest!


Heidi - September 20

I sit behind a desk from 7-3 pm so I plan to tough it out up till labor if I don't have any problems!


Kelly K - September 20

Just remember that a lot of maternity leaves are only for 6-8 weeks. You may end up having to take time off unpaid after the baby is born if you take off too early.


Lisa - September 21

At my job, because I've been here 6 years I get 8 weeks at full pay and after that I get 70 % pay for a total of 22 weeks if need be. That's one of the few good things my company offers. I just wasn't sure about how it works with the Dr..


lisa - September 21

in the uk its not up to the doctor, i finished at 35 weeks and am glad, we need the rest at the end and my job was physical, its not a compet_tion to see how far you can go, you wouldnt want to be knackered before the baby comes you wont stand a chance


Tigerphoenix - September 21

I am going to have my last day on the Friday before my due date. I am an office a__sistant so I spend much of my time sitting at a computer or filing stuff. If you are in a very pysical or stressful work enviroment generaly the Dr will advise you to leave work a little sooner. But hey some of us may not even get that far! lol


jodie - September 21

I am taking leave when I hit 37 weeks. My company gives 12 weeks maternity but not paid...LAME!!! I have been with the company for 6years and there still aren't any good maternity perks! My husband gets 6 weeks paid paternity leave...I am jealouse! Hehehe.


SRG - September 21

I am due on Nov 10th, I plan to work up until Oct 28th, I live in Canada we get 1 year @ 55% of our salary, and then on top of that get 3 weeks full pay for my vacation for the year I am off. I cannot complain it is pretty good.



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