When Will Belly Button Pop

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Kiara - December 9

My belly button has only gotten deeper it seems. It is kind of stretched and red and raw, but it doesn't seem to show any signs of popping out. I am six months pregnant now. When does your belly button become an outie? My tummy is still not showing much so I was hoping for that outie button to "prove" to the outside world that I'm not just getting fat!


Misty - December 9

It doesnt happen to everyone, not everyone's belly b___ton pops out, mine didnt.


Kiara - December 9

Darn! So it might never happen.


Misty - December 9

nope, lol, i didnt want mine to pop out cuz i thought it looked ugly.


Deanna - December 10

I had the deepest "innie" ever and thought mine would never pop out, but it started to midway through my seventh month. I am just going into my 9th month now and it is completely gone. So you never know.


kate - December 28

I use to have an innie and then i started to play with it when i was in bed i got my fingers around the outside of it and kept pushing in to try and get the inside of the b___ton to pop out! and it was really hard to pop out and then after a while i pushed and it forced it into an outie! i held it but as soon as i let go it popped back in so i popping it back out and kept pulling it and its now popped out and stopped out! my boyfriend likes it and he wants his doing so i popped his out we now both have outie belly b___tons i have kids who are 2 and 3 both of them have the outie belly b___tons so were all outies and i love it when people notice it when i'm in my bikini! i have a tan all over insead of a white dot on my belly b___ton!


Courtney - August 18

this answer was for Kate why did u do that to your belly b___ton?


To Courtney - August 18

GOOD LUCK getting an answer. Kate's post was from last year! But yeah... gotta wonder why in the world someone would do that to their belly b___ton, then their husbands'? Weird!


Melissa - August 18

I can't stop laughing!!!! That is weird!!!


baby.ksh49.com - August 18

I'm on week 38 in my 4th pregnancy -- Mine never popped with any of them.


Julie - August 18

I am 32 weeks and it hasn't popped yet and never popped with my first.


brittany - August 18

i wish mine was still an innie it's been out since about my 4th month and i hate it. so gross. but i always tape it so nobody else knows



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