When Will It Stop

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louise_J - June 18

Just thought i'd start a little 'light hearted' laugh at the strange things people around me keep saying! I am 40 weeks pregnant-due this week-yey!! It seems i can't go out of the house without someone saying 'Haven't you had that baby yet' I feel like shouting 'NO ITS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS I HAVE NOT HAD THAT BABY YET!!!!!' Is it just me or is everyone else getting this too?!


Been There - June 18

I totally agree with you. As if it's there business to question you about not having YOUR baby yet. I say just snap at them and they'll get the point they should keep their mouths shut. I'm normally a nice calm person, but I have no patience for stupidity. They just make the situation worse.


Nerdy Girl - June 18

We all tend to get pretty testy at 40 weeks pregnant! I am normally a polite person, but I agree with you though.... I was ready to bite off anyone's head who said anything even remotely stupid to me at the end of my pregnancy.


Mellissa - June 18

I am a few days away from my 36 week mark, and the dreaded phone calls have already started. My MIL calls EVERYDAY wondering if i'm feeling any pains yet. I keep telling her, "no, i have a month left still". i went two weeks over with my daughter and i'm praying that it doesn't happen again, or i may just have to stop answering the phone!!!


Been There - June 18

Mellissa, you think that's bad? I was late and the day I was induced, people still kept calling the hospital all day getting my nerves asking "didn't you have the baby yet?" I had to tell my mother to tell them I wasn't answering the phone. I was going to start literally cussing people out for calling all day at such an already stressful time. The nerve! How inconsiderate! As if I were purposely holding her in.


Trinity102203 - June 18

I am with you guys on this one. I have actually changed my message on my answering machine to say "No, I haven't had the baby yet, otherwise I would have called you. Otherwise, leave a message". To tell you the truth, it has worked. Only for those that call the house. The people at my local grocery store still ask the dumb question, which is why i switched to another one up the street where people haven't seen me weekly and don't know that I have been pregnant for "YEARS"!!! I am 40 weeks 5 days now.


louise_J - June 19

Glad to see its not just me!! i am getting so fed up with everyone!! I'm 3 days away from my due date and i've decided i'm staying in the house and avoiding everyone possible until the baby is born! Ooh Melissa i feel sorry for you! have to hope your little ones early for your sanitys sake! my MIL rings my DH everyday and at the call says 'don't forgot to let me know if anything happens' and i'm seething in the background.........i'd love to have my baby and not tell anyone ofr a week! Think how bad it is now, whats it going to be like once baby is here, i'll have some extra locks put on the door.....no wonder my little one's staying put!!!


Athom - June 19

I've been getting that since 33 weeks (I had preterm labor) Now at 38 1/2 I've had it and wont even answer my phone or return calls.


Nita_ - June 19

oh boy!! I've been getting the same from many people and I'm still working(so get that a lot from my colleagues...are you working from home or have you had the baby...kinda questions!) it's getting to my nerves and am a week away from my due date.



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