When Will They Induce

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autum - September 22

I am 38 weeks pregnant and although I know I have a couple weeks to go, I feel like this baby isn't going to come on its own. So I was wondering when they usually induce? I don't want to go over my due date!!


KP - September 22

my doc starts inducing at 38 weeks


autum - September 22

KP you are lucky! I wish mine would! I go to the dr. again tomorrow. I will have to ask her when they would induce.


MK - September 22

I wish I had your doc:) Mine wont start until wk. 40...But next week...I will be 39 wks and 4 days on my appointment.. if I don't go on my own, they will induce me...my doctor will be back in town Monday:) The other doctor is being a "jerk" as my 9 year old called him!


Nicole - September 22

I think it varies from doctor to doctor. Mine won't induce a woman (unless there are problems to warrant it) until she's in her second week overdue. I was 10 days overdue with my first pregnancy when I was induced. I'm 38 weeks now too, and VERY anxious to have the baby. Isn't it crazy how slowly time seems to go at this stage? Good luck.


DD - September 22

Should be well after 40 weeks unless there are problems. Due dates are guesses, nothing more. Everyone and every labor is different.


Tami - September 23

My doctor induces after one week overdue. They told us at the hospital that for first time mom's they won't induce until the 38th week and you have to be dialated to a 3 and 75% effaced for it even then. This is unless there is an emergency of course. Good luck and keep us updated. I am due tomorrow and still no baby and I understand your impatience.


Julie - September 23

My doctor says they don't like seeing you go for more than a week.


Tina - September 23

I have heard that they induce after 41 weeks.They like to let u labour naturally, unless ofcourse it is an emergency. I am 39 weeks tom, and i have a strong feeling i'm going to be late. I just can't wait. This past month has been tooo long.


Cinshon - September 24

I'm 38 weeks and getting induced Sept 25


Missey - September 24

I feel the same way you do Autum, I am almost 38 weeks and feel like I'm not going to go into labor naturally like I did with my other two pregnancies at 38 weeks. My doc says by law he can not induce until 39 weeks, unless of course of complications/emergency.


kim j - September 24

if you and the baby are ok they will let you go 2 weeks past your due date. beinf induced can sometimes make labor alot longer so that not always the best thing to do....


MAGGIE - October 7

My due date was the 4th of oct. however this little girl doesnt want to come out yet, my Dr. told me that they induce on the 6th or 7th day over due. monday oct 10th they are going to induce me if i dont have my baby before so. Maggie


Kim(UK) - October 7

To Maggie...Hi there, just wanted to say i was also due on 4th October, yet am still waiting for my bundle of joy! They normally give you 12days before they induce here but my blood pressures' been rising so they may do it earlier...good Luck xx



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