When You Are About To Give Birth

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Kathy - August 3

or the baby is ready, is it true that he/she stops moving as much? I heard that before you go into labor or when you go into labor the baby stops moving around as much. I am 37 weeks pregnant and have not felt my little one move at all today, and am first off concerned. My doctor is not all that helpful and if you call in to talk to him about anything instead of seeing you he will send you to ER.


T. - August 3

My doctor told me that was an old wives tale that your baby doesn't move when your close to labor. The reason you probably don't feel as much movement is because there isn't much room left in there for your baby. I think that if you don't feel any movement at all for a long period of time, you should call your doctor because something could be wrong. Sometimes though, the baby is moving but we're just used to it and don't even notice, so I'd lay down and count the movements for about an hour or so before you call to make sure the baby isn't moving. I hope this helps and good luck! =)


Kathy - August 3

Thank you T. I will try laying down as soon as I get the chance. I think I felt a small faint kick, but I would love for the baby to wake up if he/she is asleep and wiggle around!


baby.ksh49.com - August 3

The statement "I havent felt my little one move AT ALL TODAY" scares the heck out of me!!!! There's a difference between moving less (or less noticeable kicks) and NO movement. If you ever notice that you don't remember last time baby moved, you're suppose to drink something, lay on your side and starting doing your counts. If you don't get at least 8 kicks or movements in an hour, call doc immediately or go to hospital. That's the point of the kick counts. The baby shouldn't go even an hour without you being able to feel him/her move. Now -- it IS true that at the end, once the baby moves down, the kicks may not feel as strong. But this is because it can't reach your ribs as well ... but movement should NEVER STOP for more than an hour.


Laura - August 3

In reference to the post above mine, yes, you should feel your baby kick every day but let's not get overly dramatic about missing the baby kick for an hour since every pregnancy is different. I am 28 weeks and I do not feel my baby very often at all but tests have shown that he is fine. He has never had a lot of movement and my doctor attributes this to the fact that I start every day with a run which rocks him to sleep. After that, I am on my feet all day running around for work and so hours will go by every day before I feel something. It's important to know your own body and your baby's movement patterns but since I have never felt strong movements from my baby and I certainly don't feel them every hour. I just saw my doctor and confirmed that everything is fine. I simply have a very inactive baby compared to most people, mostly due to my lifestyle right now.


Jbear - August 4

Babies do have individual activity patterns. Some move a lot more than others. You know what is normal for your baby, and if you suddenly notice a lot less movement it is cause for concern. I've noticed I can usually wake my baby up by drinking something cold. Another thing that works for me is to set off the kitchen timer right by my belly--she always jumps. Don't hesitate to call your doctor if you suddenly notice less movement. If he sends you to the ER, it could be because they have all the equipment they need there (ultrasound, fetal monitor, etc.) and because if you're having a true emergency the emergency room might be the best place for you to be.


baby.ksh49.com - August 4

In response to Laura -- I actually agree with you that the "no movement in an hour" is a little dramatic. BUT that's what our doctors tell us to do. Generally if you feel the need to do kick counts it's because it's been so long since you felt the baby move. So at the point where you're laying there for an hour counting, who knows how long it's been since the last movement. I would probably wait 2 hours ... but that's me. And for that statement I'll get responses like "you must not care about your baby" But anyways....... Don't let the lack of movement go on for long. Less powerful kicks are one thing, but complete lack of movement for hours is not okay.



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