When You Have Quot Real Quot False Contractions Have You Dilated

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cattac - March 9

Hey, 37 weeks here. I was up a lot of the night with contractions for hours. This is my third baby and they did feel like those that you'd have while in labor at the hospital. They were timeable and coming every 3-7 minutes for HOURS. They then slowed down and tapered off the rest of the day. Do you think these have dilated me at all? I'm already about 2 dilated and have an appt tomorrow but I think I'm going to be upset if she tells me I'm still at a 2 after all THAT.


K8 - March 10

i just had my 2nd baby and i felt those false 'real' contractions that you are talking about, but i didnt get any internals while i was pregnant so i dont know if they dialated me, all i know is that when i actually went into labour it was only a matter of 2 hrs and then baby was out so i presume that i was well and truely on my way dialation wise when i went into 'real' established labour. Good luck :)


cher_don - March 10

hi, i went to maternity a__sessment on friday as i was leaking and thought it was maybe my waters, the only bit of what the doc said that i could understand was that my waters were still intact as she mumbled the rest but did write alot on my notes. when i got back home i started having contractions, these went on for 4 hours building up to 4 mins apart lasting bout 35 secs then they stopped. i tried reading my notes to see if i was dilated at all but docs writting was completely illegible. im also 37 weeks with my 4th if you find out bout dilation after false labour pleeeeaaa__sssseeee keep me posted as im near tearing my hair out. thanx cher :=)xxxx P.S. im trying to get to see my midwife today so will update you if i find anything out xx


mahagen - March 10

My opinion is that yes if you are feeling pain like that even if its false labor then it is possible that you are progressing as in effacing, baby is engaged more (station) and/or dilating. The reason I say it is more likely you are progressing is that when you contract your uterus tightens up and presses the baby down on your cervix which helps you progress and prepares you for the real deal of active labor and delivery. Hope that helps answer you questions. GL and hope your are progressing!!


cattac - March 10

UPDATE** went to the dr and I did make progress...last week almost 2 dilated, 50% effaced, soft, head still up. This week almost 3; 70% effaced, very very soft and head really wedged really down/engaged so I was satisfied!



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