Where Are All The August Mommys2be At

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Samantha1 - June 7

Im due August 20th and i havent seen many August mommys on here ...


JESS1980 - June 7

I'm an August mommy! My son is due on August 24! Do you know the s_x of your baby?


allie2005 - June 7

I'm an August mommy too!!! my baby boy is due August 24th, but they think he'll make an early arrival because I have a bicornuate uterus. We'll see I guess. How is everyone feeling? I was feeling pretty good until heartburn kicked in this past week, as well as some terrible back and ligament pain. I would love to hear how everyone is feeling and how active their baby is.


JESS1980 - June 7

Hi allie2005! We're due on the same day! I'm feeling good these days, but I have been having horrible heartburn too. Drinking milk seems to help though. Also, I feel my baby moving A LOT! Especially right before bed! It's incredible! Where is everyone from?


SamiB - June 7

Hey, I am due August 23rd. I have been feeling pretty good.. We are gettng really excited.. I am getting extremely nervous.. if anybody mentions the word rip or tear or cut it makes me shudder! lol..


Jacque - June 7

I am due August 6! We are having a boy, named Gavin. My hearburn is off the charts, it wakes me up in the middle night.


Angelaw. - June 7

Hey I'm due August 11th, but have a feeling that he will be early!


moucheka - June 7

Due Aug 13, a girl. Current symptoms are restless legs and insomnia. No heartburn or backache at all. I swim every day and take a lot of supplements, People's Pharmacy is my best friend! Baby is getting a bit less lively, probably running out of room.


Shannah - June 7

I am due august 12th and having a boy. This is our first. Very excited!! I have had pain just below my ribs since about 18 weeks, don't think it is ever going away. Besides that everything is going well! My first baby shower is this saturday, looking forward to that.


Kara H. - June 7

I am due August 23rd too, but my baby is the size of a bus so we wil probaby induce at the first of August. He is on track to be a 10 pounder and has a big head!


elkay - June 7

I'm due August 12th, a girl! The heartburn has been pretty bad and back aches just kicked in. I can never sleep, that's why I'm up right now. My labor prep cla__s nurse informed us that only 11% deliver on or before their due date (without help)...I hope I don't go too long.


merlin88 - June 8

My due date is August 12th. i have shooting pain in my rib cage from around 20 weeks. Then, living with back pain from 14th week onwards. Dont know the s_x of the baby will wait till the delivery.


Samantha1 - June 8

I'm having a little girl we arent sure about the name yet everytime i come up with one it seems i find 20 new babies that have it! Me and my husband are starting to get very excited about her! This is our first. Im having alot of sciatic pain in my right leg and alot of pain in my back and o boy do i have bad insomnia!! No heartburn yet thank God! But it is getting alot harder for me to breath I guess cuz im so small (only 4'11" 106lbs.) I have only gained 8 lbs so far! What bout everyone else..... also i was wondering if anyone knows where to get a cute maternity bathing suit?


Ca__sie06 - June 8

hi! I am due August 8th with my little boy. His name will be Connor Ethan. I have been having really had back pain and also bad heartburn, I seem to eat tums more than anything else! My little one is always in my ribs also, which is just no pleasant and his kicks are getting hard! I think he is trying to come out my stomach on his own!! Samantha, I found an adorable maternity bathing suit at motherhood maternity, you can find them in their stores or online at www.motherhood.com I also saw some cute ones at Old Navy!


Samantha1 - June 8

Thanks so much i will look at the bathing suits!! Cant wait to go swimming:P


Jill - June 8

Hi Everyone! My baby boy is supposed to becoming August 21, his name will be Gabriel. I am hoping he will arrive a week or so early. This will be my third child, my daughter is six and my son will be 2 in August. He was 91/2 lbs and 221/2inches, and this one just feels bigger. I am a little scared to wait until my die date to have him! Samamtha, you sound tiny to begin with, I bet any bathing suit you wear will look so cute. I am not really having any problems yet, I a still feel really good, a little tired sometimes. I also have the advantage of being married to a chiropractor so that really helps keep me feeling good. Is anyone else planning a natural child birth?


cindi - June 8

Hi everyone.:) I'm due August 13th with a boy. This is my second, my son will be 11 in September.



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