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CourtneyHope - December 1

I am 24 weeks....not to the 3rd tri yet, but getting close....it seems that the March '09 Mommies have dropped off the face of the earth!! How the heck is everyone doing?


Brenna - December 5

I am now 27 weeks, and baby is doing great,although I have been having horrible hip pain at night,It is really hard to turn over or sit up sometimes.My due date is March 5th.


ColtonsMommy07 - December 5

im 27 weeks also and i have the same hip pain my dr sait it is normal because of the bones shifting in your pelvic bone to make room for the baby to pa__s through


CodyKatie5 - December 5

I'm also 27 weeks and things are going pretty smoothly. My little girl is pretty active, although she still has some quiet times. I failed my 1 hour glucose test and just took the 3 hour test yesterday. What an interesting experience. I hope I pa__sed it! I have my next ultrasound on December 29.


CourtneyHope - December 6

Good to know that the March Mommies are still alive!!! I am 25 weeks today, and am feeling great!! I have been having some back pain in my side and shoulders, but hopefully that will get worked out with my spa day today! My b-day was yesterday and hubby bought me a pre-natal holiday, so I am more than ready to check it out!! I have trouble sleeping at night too though. Being a stomach sleeper and not being able to sleep on my stomach, it's kind of akward....not to mention the 2-3 times I get up and have to go to the bathroom! I won't drink anything past 7:30pm, go right before I lay down, and still have to go in the middle of the night!!! Penny has been really active too. We had our 25 week scan on Thursday, and the little booger wouldn't sit still long enough for them to get good pics of her!! Like mother like daughter! I go in to get my glucose checked on Monday, so hopefully I will get the good news by Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm glad to hear you all are doing well!


katie37 - December 8

Hi ladies, I'm 26wks 4 days so I guess I'm close enough. I have my glucose test on the 22nd and hoping that I don't have to have the 3 hour one done. I'm due on the 13th but scheduled for a c-section on the 5th and I can't wait. I have 3 other children but this will be my hubbys first and he is over the moon with excitement..


brandie922 - December 9

I'm with you CodyKatie5. I failed my 1 hr test too. Which I'm blaming it on the fact that I went the Monday following Thanksgiving :) I went yesterday (a week later) and did the 3 hr test. Got the call a few minutes ago that it was all good! The lab tech was telling me yesterday that most woman that "fail" the 1 hr pa__s the 3 hr. Plus going later in the morning can cause it to be off too. Just glad that everything come back good. I'm now 28 weeks! Oh, went last Friday for a "fun" ultrasound. My little girl is actually looks like a baby. She's beautiful! She yawned during the scan and we were on the regular type u/s and it looked like her head was separating! We got some really good 4d images of her and even ones where she is smiling (or smurking). Showing a lot of personality all ready!


CourtneyHope - December 9

I will be 26 weeks on Saturday, so I am kinda cheating being in here right now, but hey, no one is writing in Second-Tri for the March Mommies, so I am here! I had my blood drawn for my glucose test yesterday morning. The drink...not so delicious!!! Anywho...my nurse called just now and said that everything looked great!! I am plus size, so I was sure I would have it even though I have changed my eating habits. I am very lucky to be in the clear. They say that only roughly 4% of women are diagnosed, but it seems like it is happening more and more often. Good Luck everyone on theirs!!! Hope you are all doing very well!!


SarahBethT - December 10

I am also 27 weeks..almost 28. I'm due march 8th. I just did a glucose test and pa__sed but I am anemic now. No big. I just have to take iron.


hopefulmommytobe - December 10

Brenna I am 28 weeks and I am dealing with bad hip pain as well. I've tried everything...the pillows between the legs...even bought a huge maternity pillow so my entire body could align with my hips but it made the pain worse. I feel for you. I haven't slept well lately because of it. I am due March 2nd.


deniseb - December 11

Okay so it just dawned on me that everyone had moved to the Third Tri forum, I just posted on the 2nd tri. I am 27 weeks today, (due March 12th) had my glucose test last week and all was fine. But I did get a sweet suprise at my appoint. they gave me a 3D scan!! it was brilliant. Got great pics of his little face and he looks like my ds. Loads of black hair, he was so cute. They checked everything out organs, etc. and said everything looked perfect...so that was great rea__surance. As some of you know I have had a hard struggle getting to this point, 5 losses. So I was just thrilled to pieces. I am feeling great, loads of energy but I have noticed I am very touchy lately. Especially towards my dh, anyone else? He is afraid to even look at me LOL!!


katie37 - December 12

Hi Denise, I just wanted to congratulate you on making it this far. I had 3 previous losses myself and I know how you feel. Also, about the hair. Could you really see it this early? Do you have a lot of heartburn? The reason I ask is because my dh is Greek and I'm expecting the baby to have a lot of hair too but who knows my other three children have blonde hair like me. Just curious.


deniseb - December 12

Thank you Katie for your kind words. Congrats to you also and making it this far after 3 losses, we are all so lucky. Yes, I have terrible heartburn and I was the same with my ds (he is nearly 7) he was born with tons of hair. You can really see the hair very vivid in the scan photos, it's amazing. My husband is Iranian and I am from Ireland, but I have tons of hair also.


CodyKatie5 - December 17

Hey ladies. I haven't posted in a little while. Just wanted to give you an update that I pa__sed my 3 hour glucose test, Praise God! I was so scared of having gestational diabetes because I just don't need anything to stress over in the third tri (it's already scary enough for me) and on a humorous note, I just can't stop eating cookies! Haha, tis the season. I see my OB every two weeks now. I have an appointment on Monday and then the following Monday I have another ultrasound with my perinatologist. I am getting so excited to meet this little girl. Third tri is exciting yet nerve wracking because of our first being stillborn. I just keep praying that all looks great on the ultrasounds. I will be starting weekly non stress testing at 32 weeks. I've had some hip pain too. It's hard sleeping on my sides. Oh well, it's all worth it though.


CourtneyHope - December 18

Congrats Cody on your glucose! It is so nice to not worry about that anymore. I have been having lots of trouble sleeping on my side too at night. My hips hurt so bad last night! I am going to Target today after work and buying a body pillow. I am hoping that helps...just not sure if there will be room for it on the bed! My hubby and I sleep with our two dogs (rat terrier and lab mix) on our queen size bed...hard to break the habit!! I will be 27 weeks Saturday, so I will officially be in the third tri...I can't wait!! How is everyone else feeling?


deniseb - December 18

Hi ladies, congrats Katie on pa__sing your test. I am sure you are very nervous in this last Tri but it sounds like your docs are watching you like a hawk. All will be fine and that little girl will be in your arms before you know it. I am doing good, 28 weeks today. I am feeling a little depressed though, not sure if it's hormones etc. but I am so emotional. I have had a stressful few months as my sis was diagnosed with b___st cancer. She had a mastectomy and is now doing chemo. So it has been really hard for me to enjoy this time when I am so worried about her. She lives in England now and I wish I could go to her, but that's not possible right now. The Holidays are making a bit anxious. I just need a big bust I guess. Anyone else feeling down?


deniseb - December 18

oops...I meant to say Boost not "bust" I already have a big bust with this pregnancy LOL.



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