Where Are The November Mommies

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wifey711 - August 14

How are you feelling?


TraceyC - August 15

i'm a November mum, i'm due on the 7th with a boy who we are calling John. he's my second child, i have a daughter named Lucy who is 7 and is very much looking forward to being a big sister


cbol22 - August 15

Hello! I was wondering where all the November mommies were. Im due Nov. 13 and I am having a girl. This is our first child for me and my hubby.


wifey711 - August 15

I am due November 14th with my 4th and its a GIRL I have 3 boys already ...


TraceyC - August 18

wifey711 - congrats on your girl, i bet she will be really looked after with 3 older brothers. CBOL22 - congrats on your girl as well.


Applejax - August 18

Hi :)! I'm due Nov. 25th with my first. She's a lil girl!! I knew it was a girl even though we were told at 14 wks that they were 98% sure it was a boy hahah This week seems to be major as the crib and change table as well as the stroller and car seat are arriving! I'm also breaking into tears all of a sudden over nothing. Anyone else going crazy buying books for baby? How bout heartburn? Hope you're all well!


Teddyfinch - August 19

i'm due november 17th with a little girl and everything's going well so far. i don't have much family support anymore so emotionally this kind of sucks. my in laws live in australia and i find myself wishing i was there more and more. oh well. bad stuff happens i guess.


TraceyC - August 19

there must be someone else due with a boy in november lol


Applejax - August 19

Teddy-I'm sorry about your family..wish there was someway I could share mine. We will all be here to listen and help in anyway we can ok! I think it will be cool to meet fellow mommies in Sept when I start the prenatal cla__s. In the last 2 days I've had the WORST time trying to sleep...I have a gazillion pillows and even have a body pillow for pregnancy but I don't seem to like it.


FinallyPreggers - August 19

TraceyC, mine is a boy. He's due Nov 20, although he'll most likely have to come out early via c-section since his path out is blocked by a HUGE fibroid. Everyone I know personally is having a boy, so it's nice to see some girls around. Applejax, we're totally going crazy buying books. Heartburn is sucking big time! Congratulations everyone!


cbol22 - August 19

Hey ladies!! Congrats to you all. Applejax I have to agree and say I am an emotional person lately. Im so easily hurt. My hubby understands and tries to ease my emotions. We are so excited for our baby girl. I want November to come already.


TraceyC - August 20

i can symphasise with everyone who is having trouble sleeping. i am up constantly until gone 2am trying to sleep. i just lay there in bed counting numbers in my head but it doesn't work, i just keep looking at the clock and thinking i have to get up in 6 hours etc. it's torture. CBOL22, i'm glad your hubby is understanding about the emotions, my partner is not like that at all, he would probably laugh at me or just ignore me if i sat there weeping, he doesn't do it in a mean way, he's just rubbish at things like this. FINALLYPREGGERS, it's good to see another boy on here.


AnnaBelles_mommy - September 11

Applejax- Im due the 25th too!! And a girl!! Is this your first??


Applejax - September 11

Hi Annabellesmommy!! Congratulations on your girl! I wonder how close to our due dates we'll get :) Last night we finished doing the border, decals and picture hanging. Then put up the curtains too so now we get to touch up the floor a bit and then get the furniture in soon! I can't wait!! This is my first baby..yours too? I can hardly believe how fast she will be here!


susandutchak22 - September 12

Hi Everyone! I am a November mommy to be as well. This is my third child, dont know what the s_x is cause the little tyke hide on us! Baby is due November 12th only 6 days before my birthday! We are super excited, hoping its a boy cuase I already have two girls!! Congrats to everyone else!


dani. - September 17

Im due nov. 10th, and i don't know what its going to be ether, dont you think its abnormal that they still arn't able to tell? I want to know soo badly! Im not hoping for one or the other, just want to know.


TiffanyRae - September 17

Hello all...I am also a November momma...was given a due date of the 11th...but I think its closer to the 16thish! We are having another boy...Nathan Johan and we have a JUST turned one year old Alex. Everything is going good and i feel like its daja vu!



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