Where Do You Feel The Most Kicks

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anne - June 27

i feel them on the right side most of the time. knees bent. i am 35 weeks.. if the baby is down into the pelvis with the kicks be in the middle?


Christina - June 27

I feel them mostly on my right side as well. When he does a whole body move I can feel him up by my ribs and way down low near my v____a! I think he is head down because when he has hiccups I feel them way down low as well. Seems like I can feel a b___t or something near the middle. It is so hard to tell!!


=) - June 27

I feel my baby on the right side too. I know she is head down ecause my doctor told me. Even though she is head down, she is usually facing sideways, which is why I always feel her kicking on my right side. I also feel her moving in the middle, but I think that's just her little b___t rubbing up against my belly when she's moving! Good luck!


Katharine - June 27

I had her positioning confirmed at the last appointment... b___t under the left ribs, feet or knees under the right, head down in the pelvis. I also feel hiccups way down low and kicks on the right side. I can actually feel a leg from the outside, which is so cool. I'm 35 weeks and just happy baby is down. Last pregnancy at this time, baby was breech, so head was in my ribs and I got a lot of shoulders and elbows in the side!


playitagainsam - June 27

I feel my baby's kicks most often in the upper right quadrant. My baby is head-down anterior (the "perfect" position). With the kicks in the middle, I would say your baby is likely head down, and just needs to grow a little. Good luck!


Jen - June 28

I feel most of my baby's movement on the right side too and hiccups are low in my pelvis


~S~ - June 28

I feel most of the kicks on my right side as well, sometimes I'll feel them on my left side, but rarely. I'm 32 weeks. I haven't felt any hiccups yet, not that I know of anyways.


teresa - June 28

im 30 weeks and i hardly ever ever ever fell a kick or movement on my left side. .ITS ALWAYS my right side, im even sore from it... this is my first, when do they normally turn head down and is there any other way to know if they are head down besides an u/s??


Lori - June 28

I'm 27 weeks and I never feel anything on the right side, only my left lower. All of you girls said the right side, but mine are all on the left and low. I wonder if this is normal? I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I plan to ask.



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