Where Is April

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goldfish - February 15

why does april take so loooooooooooooooooong to come ?. its still feb then march an then comes april


mgn - February 15

i feel you girl. some people say to me well you still have awhile yet and i want to punch them in the face.......lol..........they usually are women who dont have children or have had them awhile ago so they forgot how hard it is to WAIT!! WAIT WAIT! but look at it this way, we are ALOT further along than we were in August!! :)


treshala - February 15

i feel you too cause while you are waiting on April...which seems so far away...im still waiting on MARCH lol GL


goldfish - February 15

it surely is a long journey but we have covered more than half which is kind of nice.


jujulbee98 - February 19

yeah, ive got 7 weeks left to go and honestly (and i feel horrible for admitting it) im ready to be done with this whole preggo thing! dont get me wrong, im so excited to meet my son, but NOW works for me!! i just dont think my body can handle this anymore, everything hurts, i cant remember a thing, cant sleep, and to top it off i just started leaking colostrum sorry tmi (wow did that really freak me out!). and hes a very active space hog!! i was at walmart 2 days ago in the check out and the woman said "wow your baby just moved, bet that doesnt feel good", i just wanted to scream "no sh*t sherlock!" but opted for the more appropriate 'yeah' response. and several of my darling friends just say "oh wait it gets worse youve got a ways to go", i just love thier support lol. but seriuosly, how is it possible for our bellies to grow anymore?? i think i have bought every possible streachmark cream on the market, finally found one that seems to work and feels great!! it sure seems like this last trimester has really been a long one!! good luck to all of us waiting on april, heres to hoping we dont go nuts before we get to turn the calendar!! lol lol!! :o)


tndrlvn - February 19

i the feeling ladies. I am just over 33 weeks....at 32 weeks i was having minor contractions and ended up on bed rest in the hospital.....now i'm at home on bed rest.....with a 15 month old daughter......good luck......lol.....the pain omg...i can't take anymore...i know i don't want her now because of bein to early.......but i really want her now!!!!!!!!!!! lol i'm tryin my best to find things to do while layin down but kinda hard......i read i fall asleep....i watch tv.....i fall asleep...i don't really need it i'm just bored!!!! I cant' walk , i'm sore........standing in one spot.....yeah good luck maybe a minute....and the back pain....Baby girl is breach so i'm doin some laydown excersize......but man this is definitly the last one for me.......lol Congrats ladies!!! We will make it...



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