Where Is My Baby S Head

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BB - December 20

I am 33 weeks and I have no idea the position of my baby. How does everyone always know? I am not getting another ultrasound or anything. Last night my baby got the hiccups and I felt them really low. Just above my pubic hair line. Does that mean his head is right down there? Does that seem too low?


dwc - December 20

my baby is head down, we had an us last time I went to doc 2 weeks ago and that is where I feel the baby hiccup also, so it could possible mean that baby is head down already, they usually are at this time. I am 32 weeks...HTH


Jaime - December 20

I am 28 weeks, and it feels like a leg or something is going to fall out of me...lol.It almost scares me because it dosen't seem as if he should be so low.I can't figure out where the baby is either.How do you know when they get hiccups??My son has never had them(I think)is that normal?


LRK - December 20

Hiccups are small rhythmic bumps. I knew my first case because they were regularly spaced and lasted for a while. As far as head of the baby, my doctor has a logical test. Where you find the big bumps is where the feet usually are (kicks!). Where you get the smaller movements is where the head and hands are (little fists!). The head is supposed to be hard, but I am always afraid to push too hard to test. His/her b___t is big and hard too, and constantly pushing out my right side--very strange bird.


Emy - December 20

LRK, my little girl is the same way. Her head is down towards the left and her b___t is pushing into the right side of my ribs. BB, I know this because the doctor felt around and could tell by that and where the heartbeat was. Ooooh, that feeling of her b___t in my upper right quadrant is something too interesting for words....lol


to bb - December 20

I agree with everyone - especially the big movement = feet, small = head/hands. The doctor can tell easily. They just have to feel around (kind of uncomfortable) but well worth it to realize the dr had his hands on my daughter's head. My dr checked me today and I am 35 weeks 2 days. Makes her seem so real. even though i feel her move constantly, it was very rea__suring to have her in place and presenting correctly!


LRK - December 20

Emy--Does your baby do a dance move with her b___t too? Every once in a while, mine thrusts his/her b___t out like dancing. I joke that my husband's family has a genetic tendency toward big b___ts, so, this baby is certainly taking after dad. My b___t is big now, but due to water retention and too much ice cream during the 1st trimester!


ameigh - December 20

yeah, you should be starting to see your doctor every 2 weeks now or around there.. soon 1 week and he/she will just feel around your tummy and they can tell. sometimes they might push a little hard. but just tell them and they'll be more careful.


Sasha - December 20

My baby does a dance move with her b___t! It's wild. I love it. I'm soo fascinated with all my stomach action. I'm 37 weeks and my baby turned head down two weeks ago.


Jean - December 21

The doctor can tell by feeling your belly where teh baby's head is. It's down, it's super low, behind your pubic area. I just had an ultrasound today (33wks) and was surprised just how low her head is.


Laura - December 21

when your doctor checks u than you will be able to tell if the heads down he/she can feel the head...Or this is another way u can tell if u have lots of pressure down in your pelvic area...but yeah if ya felt the hiccups low down there than your babys head prolly is head down i feel my babys hiccups every single night when im getting ready for sleep...Im 38 weeks and due to go into labor any day now...Dilated to 2 cm and 85% thinned out so hopefully ill go any day now...


Rachel.R - December 21

The doc can tell.. *Sasha* my little girl does a bum dance thing too.. its MAD !! you see my stomach go up on one side and wiggle.. its SO cute.. i love it. My bub doesnt feel really low, and my doc told me she probably wont drop anymore til i go into labour, but she hasnt dropped at all.. i have another 4 weeks to go, and she is getting bigger and its so hard to breathe.. ahh.. wish she would drop. oh. yeh. im hungry.. havent eaten today..



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