Where Is Ranya

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Mary - October 7

I am wondering where you are as I have not seen any posts from you in some time now. We have the same due date 10/28 and want to stay in touch. I hope all is well .... or maybe you had your baby! :)


Mary - October 8

We are so alike about the housewife part! :) The doctor examined me last wed and I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, which means I am on my way, but it does not necesarily mean I am going early. I have also gotten into heated arguments in the general pregnancy forum, and they can be no fun. I am working full-time. I just started this week and will continue for another 10-12 days or so, baby permitting. I lived in Chile and Brasil for many years so I know how thirld world countries can be. I am surprised to hear about transfusion and the fact that your doctor will not examine you until you start labor. They can be so backwards on TWC. :). Finally, just like you I do not feel I will be going soon. With my luck I will have a November baby! :)


lisa - October 8

talk about being backwards in third world countries, britain must be third world then as they wont give me an internal untill i go overdue or in labour, theres a question if the baby has dropped enough but they still wont give me an internal, im going mad, ive been doing them myself although ive no idea what im feeling for i can feel the babys head quite easy so i guess it must have engeged somewhat although my midwife says it is just at pelvic brim level.


Ranya - October 9

Just my luck, the ob/gyn I pick and feel comfortable with actually got his degree from the UK!! All my other friends whose doctors went to med school in the US get internal exams etc...My doc also doesn't induce until you're 10 days overdue, doesn't weigh his patients, and doesn't do the internal u/s in the first trimester (had to drink tons of water to get the bladder full before my u/s)...Lisa does all this sound familiar? I'm too chicken and prude to do my own internal though...



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