Which Breathing Techniques Worked Best During Labor

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Jenn2 - May 16

I was just curious as to what breathing techniques others have used in previous pregnancies that you felt worked really well. I know there are different styles of breathing during labor, and just want to get a idea of what has worked for others. also, if it is called a certain technique.....also explain how you do it?


dee23 - May 16

sry i cant help, but i would like to know this aswell......i here that breathing properly in certain ways can calm u in labor and reduce pain.....im not going to any birth cla__s's either so info needed! cheers :)


Emily - May 17

The best breathing I did while in labor was the breathe of relief when the epidural took efect. Sorry I know not much help. I did the lamaze. I took cla__ses. It was like a deep beathe in and then three short out and various versins of that, but once the labor got so strong, no amonnt of breathing helped me, but do not freat. a-they used a medication to help speed up my contractions which only made them stronger and b-I am a wuss. I have a very low threashold for pain, like I curl up in the fetal postion and lay in bed for two dyas when I get my period. I also tend to get sick to my stomach casue I can't handle the cramps......but even so I must say labor wasn't all that bad. I was in labor for 42 hours, but with breathing (which did help at first) and teh meds and different posisitons they had me try (like the tub, the walking, the rocking chair, and so on) it was not as bad as I imagined, but I did have the drugs about half way through...


SarahB - May 17

Beore i had my son I didnt take any cla__ses. One of the RN's while I was in labor told me to breathe in thru my nose and release slowly out my mouth and to try to relax. I think it helped, at least until the end when I started having back labor.


Angelaw. - May 17

Hi Jenn, I am taking Bradley cla__ses which focuses on reducing irrational fear of labor by replacing it with knowledge about the birth process. They strongly recommend NOT doing the lamaze "patterned breathing" they say that in order to keep your body from fighting against itself and do what it is supposed to do you need to be as relaxed as possible. My instructor says to breathe like you do when you go to sleep- deep "belly breathing"- they recommend in and out of your mouth, but that is too uncomfortable for me, so I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. She says try to imagine attempting to sleep while doing the patterned breathing....it would be impossible because it is not relaxing at all. So that is what I know so far about the subject. I hope that helps or at least gets you started in your own research!


ash2 - May 17

honestly i reccomend screaming !! lol ! i did not do natural labor b/c after being dialated to 6 and no epidural, i was int he biggest pain i have ever felt ! no breathing techniques worked for me, i was in too much pain to breath, just cry ! is this your first child ?sorry i couldnt help


mishy - May 17

Hey ash2, I went natural and screamed thru the whole thing too! I could hear myself screaming and I had no control over it.. And I fought it which makes it worse. So I recommend doing whatever you can to stay calrm and following any advice about breathing.. I am reading it all myself because I would like to cope better this time round..


ash2 - May 18

i know mishey, i would never reccomend natural labor..... why hurt when you dont have to ??


Angelaw. - May 19

Why give your baby drugs when you don't have to?


Brandie in Ga - May 21

Well me personally I didnt take any breathing cla__ses and this is my 3rd child....I did have meds and epi though and the breathing the nurses had me do helped but not much...Now to answer the question of "why give your baby drugs if you dont have too"....Well for me it helped me cope with my pain.The medicine did not seem to hurt either of my children and it made my labor alot easier to deal with and less stressful and to me that made it better on my babies.My kids are now 6 and 7 and very vibrant active children and I believe my 3rd son will be the same...Good luck to you all on pregnancys and deliveries...


livdea - May 21

Hey Jen...I'm going to try lamaze. I don't know if it's better then bradely or whatnot. I figured tried and true...and I couldn't find anyone around here that does the bradley technique so... Maybe try posting this question on labor and delivery board? Might get some better answers!!


ash2 - May 21

hey ANGELAW..... when you finally do go into labor and actually fell the worst pain you have in your life, then you will be asking the same question i did instead of yours. untill you know i wouldnt bash drugs or an epidural while in labor, because you will be the first to be asking for one.


ash2 - May 21

oh, and your baby will be just fine . the drugs do not affect him / her


Mommy - May 21

Panting! That's what I did, and it dried my mouth out like you wouldn't believe, but it kept me from pushing and screaming. It was distracting and I ended up not pushing when I was told no because I don't think it was possible to push and pant at the same time. I had drugs when I had my kids, and it was actually better for my babies. Before I got the pain meds I was balling up and the heart rate would go down because of it. Just make sure if you pant you have plenty of ice chips because your mouth will be so dried out after that.



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