Which Diapers Are You Going To Use

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ella431 - December 6

well to those of you who have or hadn't had your babies, which ones are you using? I've gotten so many mixed reviews on pampers vs huggies its confusing which one to try! I wanted to try the swaddlers but now im not sure! thanks :)


Shannon85 - December 6

I have heard Huggies are better then pampers but also i dont know where you live but in canada we have a brand called parents choice its much cheaper than huggies and according to my cousin and sister work just as well.


Jilloh - December 6

For NEWBORN diapers I would recommend anything as you change the babies so much it doesn't matter so much which brand. For Size 1 and up I used Huggies until size 3 and they changed the shape of Huggies and Pampers. I had a problem with Huggies after they changed the shape and the Pampers added "flex" to their diapers. I am now a Pampers mom. When DS was born (he's 20 months now) the hospital provided size 1 Swaddlers. I loved them. But alas Swaddlers ended at size 2 back then (now they end at 3). My DS is a size 4. I am sure I will still be a whatever mom for NEWBORN and a Pampers mom for everything else. Yes Parents Choice does work (its Wal-Mart brand) but they aren't as great with controlling leaks or holding much after a few sizes. It is an option though because they are cheaper!


Mel Page - December 7

I'm gonna be a pampers mom (due in Feb). Both my friends had their little ones in the last year so both just turned 1, and they also swear by pampers. Good luck hun!!


Fall - December 7

Pampers S. they are the best I also was reading in a pregnancy magazine they were rated no. 1


BriannasMummy - December 7

Im definatly a pampers mom. I love the hug flex. With my first dd she got yeast infections from huggies.. and with my second dd she got bloody diaper rash from huggies. It just didnt work for them. I love pampers.. they contain leaks overnight.. and they fit perfectly. Parents choice are nice and cheap.. but friends of mine say they leak like crazy. Not my cup of tea. Anyway.. im a pampers mom. ~Kristin~


javidsgirl - December 7

i had used pampers once they were the worst i have ever used they leaked so much i cant count how many times i had to change my dd sheets and steam clean the couch and change clothes i find the walmart brand or huggies are the better they dont leak one bit. honestly if you want to go crazy cleaning go with pampers


tynadu - December 8

I plan to use Pampers and clothe diapers. For my baby shower I got about 300 size- 1 Pampers and only one pack of size two Pampers(about 60+). I plan to use only dissposible diapers for the first month then start using the clothe diapers while we are at home and not doing anything. I just want to help out the environment but also maintain some level of convenience when going out. As far as what brand I am going to use I don't know I will just use a little trial and error until I find the best one for baby.


emfine99 - December 10

i am using the newborn huggies. the swaddlers newborn are too tight on my daughters chunky legs. i like how the swaddlers are made though over huggies.


tynadu - December 11

oops... in last post I put clothe diapers.... it should be cloth diapers.


cattac - December 11

With my first two I used pampers swaddlers. I thought they were so much softer than huggies and they never really leaked. I used the huggies in the hospital and if you compare the two, in my oipinion, there's no comparison. I love pampers.


mrssolo - December 12

everyone will have their own opinion on this subject. When I had ds I used huggies. We were given both pampers swaddlers and huggies. We used the swaddlers with our twins for about a week. I had read they were rated number one for newborns. They leaked sooooo much and sometimes when one of the boys pee'd it just came right out, not even wetting the diaper. So we are back to using huggies and I love them!


babylove4 - December 12

I had planned to use pampers again, but after reading everyone's post looking 8 years I do recall that being a bit true with DS, I think I will be trying huggies & luvs....GL


babylove4 - December 12

***Looking "Back" 8 years*** ooops


tskrawchuk - December 12

I have tried like EVERY brand out there Huggies are the better brand, And if it is the expenses that poses an issue you can sign up at huggies.com and recieve coupons every month. Pampers really have a certain "smell" to them. BUT everyone will have their opinions


mary_ln - December 13

We had a foster daughter (from 12mo-18mo old) and I know that I liked pampers way better for her. The huggies leaked more. However, I've never had to choose for a new baby and I think the Huggies with the umbilical cord space look nice. I think I will try both brands and see which I like better...except Pampers are a few dollars cheaper at Walmart here. :)


Faye84 - December 13

I used the pampers swaddlers when she was a newborn, then I used size 1and 2 pampers... its like the yellow bag kind ( cant rememeber the name) Now im using huggies size 3. She keeped peeing through pampers during the night. WIth huggies it seems to hold it more.



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