Which Name Do You Like Best For Anyone To Reply

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Tina - June 3

I just want peoples reaction to some of the baby names I've picked...I am kind of stuck and time is running out...any suggestions also would be appreciated... 1) Carter Mason 2) Christopher Michael 3) Tristan Michael


Jennifer - June 3

I like Carter, I mentioned it to my husband, but unfortunately he wasn't crazy about it


anne - June 3

i like Christopher Michael. It's cla__sic, clean, and hard to make fun of on school grounds. carter=farter and tristan= a cracker.


tara - June 3

Tristan Michael is nice! I love the name Tristan.


ES - June 3

I like Carter Mason. I really don't like Tristan it sounds feminine to me. But that's just me. I am torn on names too. Madeline Grace or Grace Rose. I cannot decide. My husband doesn't like Grace Rose.


Maddie - June 3

ES...I'm partial to Madeline...that's a winner! Tina, I like the name Tristan...it's unique and very handsome sounding!


Christina - June 3

I am partial to Tristan because that was Brad Pitt's name in Legends of the Fall. :) I like all those names Tina, but I like Christopher Michael the best. What do you guys think of Dylan Benjamin? I think that may be what we are going with.


Sarah - June 3

I like Carter but not Mason. I also like Tristan but not Michael. I do like Tristan Carter together.


L - June 3

I like all of them...sorry. Our little boy will be Kristian Grant, and we will call him Grant. All my kids have a middle name that starts with "G". Good Luck!


jenn - June 4

christopher michael is the way i would go.


Ana - June 4

I like Christopher Michael, I am a teacher and kids do make fun of other kids about their name so look for a name that is difficult to make fun of.


Ema - June 4



C - June 4

I like Christopher Michael. Connor is a nice name too. Just thought I'd add one. I named my son Noah. My husband picked it out and I liked calling him "Baby Noah" in utero.


Danielle - June 4

My husbands likes Mason Carter. I told him it was Carter Mason. So I pick 2. Good luck. We are having a heck of a time picking a name.


Fabienne - June 5

Christopher Michael is my favorite :)


Jamie - June 6

I love Tristan Michael - so much so, that if my husband had liked it, we would've named our boy that, if/when we have one


monica - June 6

my sons name is Michael. I really like Tristan Michael.



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