Which Stroller And Detergent Is Good

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mishi - October 17

hi, i have two question for u ladies. FIRST is about the stroller..I would like to know which brand and color of stroller is good and where i can find that one??SECOND is about the detergent...I would like to know how many times and which detergent we should use to wash newborn cloths..If u will reply me that would be the great help for me...I am having my first babygirl in dec...THANKS


SRG - October 17

Ivory Snow is what they say you should use for the baby for the first year. I bought the GRACO Quattra travel system, I have heard great things about it.


Trish - October 17

Hi Mishi...My sister-in-law who researches everything has started to use the newborn detergent by Target called method...all of their method products are natural and safe for pets and children...a lot of peeps use dreft but I hear it is very expensive and others such as Ivory and Method work just the same. I too got the Quatro travel system for a stroller...good luck.


~ - October 17

Tide free


Kim - October 17

I was wondering about fabric softener. Usually softeners have perfumes in it. Is there a special kind of fabric softener available? Or will any kind work?


Tara - October 17

My sister uses a brand called Dreft, you can buy it at stores like Target but I know they for sure carry it at Babies R Us, it is made just for babies and it has a light baby powder scent, I believe you can get it with no scent though too.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 17

If I were you, I would not spend extra money on detergent, I would get All Free and Clear. You can use it on your clothes, and babys clothes. It doesnt have a smell at all. As for the stroller, it depends on where you live, if you walk alot or are just using it for the mall or shopping if you want one that can be used as the baby grows, etc. Good luck!


j - October 18

i got the generic Dreft (target brand). it's a couple $ cheaper and smells like wet wipes.


mishi - October 18

thanks to all of u, i also heared about the Graco brand. They have soo many patten in that.like Quattra travel system.which patten is good and the color....


Christy - October 18

I got the Graco Metrolite travel system (it came with the infant carseat and carseat base as well as the stroller.) I liked the Metrolite a little better than the Quattro because it is lighter and easier to get in and out of the car. I have heard a couple of women complain of the Quattro's size and weight. Both are good strollers from what I can tell and both come in a number of colors. I think it is a matter of preference. As for detergent, everyone tells me Dreft is the way to go, but I have heard Ivory Snow and the dye/fragrence-free detergents are good too. I wouldn't wash the stuff more than once though. All that washing could leave a strong detergent residue that could damage the clothes and irritate the baby's skin. That's just my opinion, though.


Natbug - October 18

Purex Baby is supposed to be really good and pretty cheap! (I am due next month, so I have not tried it yet) I like the Graco brand best for baby supplies!


Kim - October 19

I used All Free and Clear. It's best to use something fragrance free if you can since the fragrances in products are often the leading causes of irritation. I know some people who love Dreft but I know others who found that their babies could not tolerate it. I have the Graco Quattro Travel System and was told by the manager at Babies 'R Us that it is their best seller in strollers. There are quite a few patterns to choose from.



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