Which Strollers

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Sophia - October 3

Hey all! I was just wondering which brand strollers you ladies got or chose. I went shopping with my mom for the stroller, and got a Graco Metrolite Travel System. What about you guys?


jessie - October 3

hey - after much research, my hubby and i bought the Graco Pa__sage 550 (travel stroller). Though it seems kind of big to me, it was highly reviewed and very pretty. =)


lisa - October 3

i got a quinny buzz with cario car seat that clips on on its own, i love it but kind of wish id looked around a bit more first, mabie even bought one of those cheep light pushchairs instead, but this is solid and time will tell.


Britt - October 3

We got the Graco Pa__sage 560 in Bancroft. So far we love it. We have taken it out on walks with us some to test it out.


Julie - October 3

I bought the Baby Trend sit and stand stroller because I have a 3 year old.


pbj - October 3

We bought a Chicco Sahara (I think that's what it's called). I like it cause it's a travel system and the baby seat fits really tight inside the stroller.


leslie - October 3

I got the boogaboo frog, I dont know how good is it b/c I haven't tried it yet (waiting on baby :) .. it feels very light and easy but we'll see..


SRG - October 3

Hey there.... I got the Graco Quattra Travel System, I know a few people who also have it and they all love it. I got the Kembrook Silver Grey colour.


dani - October 3

I got the Combi ultra light stroller. I hear it's a really good stroller.


Justine - October 3

Got the Graco Metrosport travel system. We have a small car and wanted something that fits in the boot which lots of pushchairs wouldn't do. It also had good reviews and we got it on special offer as its an end of line.


Christy - October 3

I registered for the Graco Metrolite travel system. I haven't gotten yet, but I picked it because it was lighter and smaller than the Quattro, and significantly less expesive than any of the Peg Perego strollers I considered. It's funny- I have been going up to strangers with strollers and asking them how they like them. A lot of people have and like the Metrolite. I got a lot of positive feedback on the Quattro too, but a few moms complained that it was big and hard to get in and out of the trunk.


Sophia - October 3

Christy, me too. I thought the Graco Quattro was a bit too heavy, especially to take out of the trunk. The Metrolite is lighter, which is why I chose it. Looks like we all got different ones, depending on what we heard. Hope all of them work out excellently.


mom2faith - October 3

I got the evenflo aura travel system navy with tan plad. I forgot the number though, we seem to like it so far. but the front wheels seem to wobble a bit, I think it is because the wheels are hard plastic. We got the system from Target.



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