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inuk-mama - October 21

SO I was just surfing around pregnancy-info. and noticed a lot of people talking about "They" ie. "They" say not to take baby out until s/he is 6 weeks old. OR, "They" say don't eat this and that while pregnant. Who exactly are "They" and when did "They" become the authority on all this? My dr. hasn't said anything to me about what I "can't" eat or "can" and not a word about when I am allowed to take baby out in public! SO who exactly are these people? I am very curious as to who and where "They" came from?


jennifer_33106 - October 21

HAHAHA You know, EVERYONE, uses they. When I use it I use it in reference to a medical research survey or a group of people who have done a certain study. Also I think alot of the time someone hears something from hearsay and have no idea where the idea originated from so "they" is used in place. I have never heard that it wasnt safe to take a bab out before 6 weeks. If that was the case dont you think "they" the hospitals would maybe keep them til the appropriate time and date. I have never heard that and personally dont agree to that. Not that I am gonna parade my baby around walmart or anything. And on a side note I read this in my baby name book and wanted to share ~ ~~ When you hear "They say its going to ba acold winter" or "they say the crime rate is rising" do you ever wonder who "they" are? Wonder no more! They is a good humored inventor from Branson Missouri. Andrew Wilson decided he would be the face behind this nameless group when he legally changed his name to They in 2004. His friends tell him. " If anyone but you changed thier name to They, they would think he has a problem."~~~ Haha I thought it was funny.


tish212 - October 21

I have taken care of several newboens through foster care...some came to me on short notice when we had no formula or diapers left...and we were forced to go shopping for these items long before the babies were 6 weeks...they all turned out fine so that 6 weeks thing seems like some old wives tale or something...I would have to say just as u do...I only listen to my dr's advice. but everyone has advice for u don't they...don't lift this don't touch that..don't eat this don't sit like that...but so far my dr hasn't agreed with any of it. and since I go to an office with 3 dr's and they all say the same things I'm more privey to listen to them ! lol I do like the question though people use "they" to refer to people to take the blame if they r wrong.... at least that's what I think... :)


LIN - October 21

In general, "they" to the average person is the writer of any information they read on the web that sounds authoritative or that is repeated on numerous websites. In reality, the only "they" we should be paying attention to are medical and educated child-rearing professionals. There are definitely some people who disregard the importance of credentials (thinking that PhDs just make people snobs), but if we don't pay attention to credentials, then what do we have to go on to know how trustworthy and informed someone's opinion is?


inuk-mama - October 21

Lin, and that is why I ask, who are "they" I mean just because you heard something doesn't make it the official word! And it is really starting to drive me nutz that all these people are going on the word that some unknown someone said. The only people I listen to regarding childcare and my health, are my doctor and my self! LOL maybe it's just one of those too hormonal days for me, but it's really annoyign me when I read all thee people making statements regarding "They" ugh! Maybe I'll just go have a nap!!! :) Thanks for responding y'all!


LIN - October 21

I definitely here ya!


Terio - October 22

Inuk, thank you.. I'm am SO with you on this. I feel like I avoid some subjects with people about how I do things, because if not, I'll be corrected about how 'they' say I'm not following some accepted procedure. And these people spouting have usually never had kids themselves, but sure like to read. I actually tell people that my daughter sleeps on her back - when in reality, she either sleeps on her side or stomach. She simply doesn't sleep very well on her back, and that's that. If this were 20 years ago 'they' would be saying she HAS to sleep on her stomach, but today... allowing it is negligent behavior. Argggh. I have found that the best 'they' is MEEE! I know what works for me. I look at our grandparents who raised 6 kids and never had to ask a pediatrician (at $115 per visit) when to feed their children or ask permission when they could sit in a bouncy seat. Real world advice from experience and *common sense* are worth their weight in gold. Glad I saw this subject.. and glad I got that off my chest. HA!


DaBonkElsMe - October 22

Good post! It's true, people use "they" to mean just about anything. If you have a doctor you trust, then, of course he/she should be your authority on what you can and can't do. But I find that doing my own research and relying on my instinct, has worked best for me. I go to a physician center where 4 OBGYN's work and I have seen all of them at one point or another, and even they differ in some of the things they tell me to do or not to do, so, even though I trust them all for the most part, when I really want to know the truth about something I do the research. Like not eating cold cuts unless you first heat them to steaming. Well, i heard this peice of "advice" well after I had consumed several Subway sandwiches, so I looked it up. Turns out that some cold cuts can harbor food-born bacteria and that could make you or the baby very sick. BUT it also turns out that cases of this are extrememly rare, and you have just as much a chance of getting sick from cold cuts while not pregnant! Just goes to show that most websites, and even books, that claim to be "authorities" on pregnancy are to be taken with a grain of salt.



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