Who Can Help I M Soooo Depressed

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Claire - February 24

I am in my 24th week, thank G'd everything is good. I keep on being depressed though, keep on crying for anything what is going on with me. Everything worries me, how it will be when I stop working, etc...I keep finding thing about my husband that worry me, and i criticize him what's wrong with me, will I ever get to be normal again? what should I do? Please help


Ashton - February 24

Most likely, this has to do with all the hormonal changes you are going thru right now. After the baby is born, things should get back to normal. Is your husband being supportive of you? Maybe discuss how you are feeling with him and he can help you thru this time.


hannah - February 24

it's all the hormoans darling..it will wear off


Lisa - February 24

I am 32 weeks and I too cry over everything and anything, I try not to but I just can't help it. You are not alone. We will all be normal again soon.


Claire - February 24

Thanks to all of you! It makes me feel better hearing from all of you, as I'm writing I'm crying again, but hopefully it will pa__s and lets hope for only the best for all of us! Thanks and good Luck!


layla - February 24

I'm on my 4th pregnancy (37 weeks.) During all of my pregnancies, I cried so much. It is all due to hormones.


CEM - March 1

hi Claire! don't be sad, you are not alone. i cry all the time as well, with or without reason. i cry if my kids are stressing me out alot, or if i see a cute commercial, sad movie, etc. i also find my husband very annoying most of the time, even though i know deep down he's the greatest guy in the world! everything seems out of whack, but i'm sure it will pa__s. write back if you need some cheering up and i'll do the same.


Sarah - March 2

I am so depressed just having a shower seems like it is too much. I watch t.v all day and cry all night. I have been told it will pa__s when I have a baby as I will be busy all the time. But at the moment I feel the same.....The other night I wanted to die I felt so desperate.



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