Who Else Is Still Working Out

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A - January 13

I'm just curious about how many of you ladies are still trying to stay in shape in the third trimester. What are you doing for exercise and how often? I am going to the gym about 3 times a week. I usually do yoga, step aerobics, or aquasize. I am 29 weeks pregnant. Also, does anyone know if it is true that your labour will be easier if you are in good shape?


Chris - January 13

I feel strongly that the better shape you are in the better your labor will go. My 2 nd pregnancy I was still working out up until the day I gave birth. I was only in labor 2&1/2 hrs. and did not have to push more than a few times. Look at it this way, this is the hardest thing your body will ever do. With my 1 st 2 daughters I was back in my regular clothes right away and could even wear a bikini.


sarahlorrain - January 13

I'm 37 weeks, and I'm walking a few times a week....20-30 minutes. I"m hoping for a quick labor so I can go without an epi.


Ginny - January 13

It's weird that you asked this, because I was wondering that this morning when I took my walk. And Whoa, Chris, more power to you!! Everyone has told me how much easier labor will be if you stay in shape, and that it's also easier to get the pounds off. I have been walking regularly, and before about week 32 I also did aerobics for preggy women - but it just got to be too much for me. Walking was something I could keep doing at my own pace and could rest whenver the pressure was too much. I would have LOVED to have swam throughout this pregnancy, but I don't have access to a pool. I usually walk about 4 times a week, but I'm down to about 15 minutes per walk (waddle is more like it!) And I am now 1 week away from my due date.


Mary the redhead - January 13

Working out? hahaha man i wish i could work myself outta bed.... I guess i was little before i got pregnant and after my first son i got even smaller ( im convinced its from b___stfeeding) so im not really worried..... Once im not pregnant anymore i will be all over the place...Ive never really worked out at a gym i just walk alot and get out alot(WHEN IM NOT PREGNANT!!!)hahahhaaaa Im so not a good pregnant person....


Melissa - January 13

I did a couple of minutes on my Eliptical yesterday and the bottom of my belly was hurting. I will try to go for short walks instead. I am 36.5 weeks and am very tired, get a backach just from standing up cooking, so I will do lighter stuff.


Tasha - January 13

Im 29 weeks and walk 40 mins 5/days a week, I just started doing push ups every night and tricep dips on my coffee table, just to keep my arms toned(I have a wedding 4 months after the baby) I feel great too! Hope it lasts, and amen to a quick labour!


Meredith - January 13

I stopped woking out when I got pg this last time because I had just had a miscarriage and I was afraid that it had something to do with me losing the other baby. (Probably not, but I was scared.) Later on in Pregnancy, I could not even stand on my feet too long without swelling up like a pufferfish! My feet would even start tingling sometimes, and they turned bright red.


Annette - January 13

I am 36 weeks and still "working out" according to possibilities everyday. I walk 3 miles at least or get on the elyptical 45 minutes, plus some light weight lifting and stretching. I noticed it is getting harder to do and I have to slow down frequently because I am carrying very high and my lungs are very squished so I am easily out of breath. I gave up on staying fit while pregnant, I put on 25 pounds and look like a cute little cow, but I do hope it will help for an easy labor and getting my prepregnancy body back which now seems as easy as speaking fluent chinese in 2 weeks. Melissa: I recommend you use a maternity belt to support your belly and prevent backache.


Chris Again - January 13

Just so y'all don't hate me too much, now I'm 41 and can't even imagine being able to go for a short walk. I had 2 easy pregnancies and am making up for it this time around. I'll probably be in labor 3 days.


Annette to Chris - January 13

Hope you are wrong and you have an easy labor this time too!


Angela in California - January 13

I am 37 weeks and working out every day still. It's gotten a tad harder the last couple of weeks because i have to pee so much! lol. I do a power walk for 60 minutes in the morning and do pilates and sculpting workouts about 3-4 times a week. I'm convinced the working out is what has made this pregnancy fairly easy. I have no pains or discomfort and sleep through the night very well!


erin - January 14

Wow, I'm so impressed with the amount of exercise some of you ladies do! I get on my elliptical trainer 3 times a week for 20 minutes. Sure doesn't seem like much but this pregnancy has gone way better than the last one and I haven't gained as much. And the easier labour and getting back in shape quicker are two benefits that I really want to see happen!


Kate - January 14

I am 35 weeks and still workout 5-6 X per week. I either take a spin cla__s, yoga, walk (4-5 miles) or lift weights. I worked out through my entire first pregnancy too. My labor with my first was really quick -- I barely made it to the hospital and didn't have time for any drugs. My little girl was born happy and healthy... and I didn't think labor was all that painful. I think I also got back into shape pretty quickly because I stayed in decent shape during my pregnancy. Hopefully I will do the same with this pregnancy.


Tammy in Canada - January 17

I am 32 weeks and work out 5-6x per week. Not too much, 35 minutes on the elipitical at a low intensity.


carolyn - February 7

I'm still at the gym on my lunch hour five days a week, but I'm down to riding the bike and light upper body weights now. It seems to make me feel better and I'm really hoping it will help with the labour!


carolyn - February 7

I'm at 35 weeks and still at the gym on my lunch hour five days a week, but I'm down to riding the bike and light upper body weights now. It seems to make me feel better and I'm really hoping it will help with the labour!



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